Calotropis procera
“Apple of Sodom”


One of the largest of all Milkweeds, this RARE Asclepias relative is native to S. Asia and N. Africa and later introduced to S. America and the Caribbean. A gorgeous plant with sturdy base-branching stems and huge substantial silvery-green leaves to 12” long and 6” across, it bears 4” clusters of fascinating and colorful 1” bright violet-purple and white, flaring cup-shaped blooms all Summer long. A host and nectar plant for Monarch butterflies it grows to 3’-5’ tall and wide in our Bay Area sub-tropical climate (to 10’ in tropical climates!). DROUGHT and SALT TOLERANT and not fussy about soil, we grew ours in a large 20+ gal container and in a very well drained garden with infertile soil. Does not produce seed here, but if you live in a hot, frost-free desert area, do remove any seed pods that may form to prevent any self-sowing. Deciduous here by the Bay (Zone 9b), foliage returns in the Spring. Can be grown in a container and over-wintered indoors in colder climates.


Low Water
(Once Established)

USDA zones 9-11
(Annual Elsewhere)