Oreganum majorana
“Sweet Marjoram”

Oreganum majorana "Sweet Marjoram"
Photo courtesy of Forest & Kim Starr

Sweet marjoram is oregano with all the flavor, but none of the bite. This herb is a symbol of happiness for the Greeks and Romans and indeed it does lift your spirits with its sweet scent and the flavor it imparts to dishes like eggplant parmesan, stuffing and herb breads. A compact 1-2’ tall and wide bush, it grows quickly with decent drainage and little-to-no water. Small white flowers bloom June to September and it is very popular with bees and butterflies. To keep the foliage young and fresh, cut the bush down to 4” in the Spring. The leaves will retain flavor when dried - they are at their best if picked when the plant is in bud, but before the flowers have opened. Plant in full sun, will do well in the ground or in pots. It can easily be brought indoors to overwinter if you are below USDA zone 9.

Anni J

Full Sun
Low/Avg. water

Annual/Perennial Herb
USDA zones 9-10