Thunbergia erecta
“King’s Mantle”

Rare, stunning, & easy to grow, this West African perennial vine/shrub is sure to excite. With its small ovate dark green leaves, slightly fragrant velvety dark blue to purple flowers, & yellow throats, Thunbergia erecta will start to flower in early Summer & will continue to bloom all the way through Fall. This diverse Thunbergia can be pruned as a shrub or be allowed to twine its way around your garden, or trellis. It can grow 4-6 feet tall & 5-8 feet wide. It will thrive in full sun to part shade & rich well drained soil, & is lovely planted with roses, trees & taller shrubs. Thunbergia erecta loves a good pruning come early Spring to shape & encourage new growth. Could possibly survive in zone 8 with protection. Moderately drought tolerant once established & loved by Pollinators!

Beth VanTassell,
Plant MacGyver

Full Sun/ Pt. Shade
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 9-11