Aeonium lancerottense

Aeonium lancerottense Aeonium lancerottense

Possibly the most stunning Aeonium in both habit & flower, this very rare Aeonium (endemic to the Canary Island of Larote) is currently endangered in its natural habitat. Numerous succulent soft green smooth 6” rosettes are densely held on thick branching stems to form a rounded shrub about 3’ x 3’. Admirable for its habit alone, but the rare plant thrills just get so much better when it blooms in Summer! Huge flaring cone shaped flower heads - (to 1’ across at the base) made up of many starry pink blooms, rise up on strong stalks 1-2’ above the foliage. Aah! A show-stopper of a focal plant for any dryish well-drained garden or large container (20 gal & up) – do snag one while the availability lasts! Attracts bees! Salt-resistant!


Low Water
(once est.)

USDA Zones 9-10