Intensely colorful and dramatic flowers that bloom nearly year round! One of the best cutting flowers, ‘Margaret’ offers eye-popping fuchsia-colored petals, contrasted nicely with speckled golden throats. The 2.5” flowers appear at the tips of arching 4’ tall stems, making this one of the larger varieties. Mid-green lance-shaped leaves add a nice soothing under-story to the dazzling blooms. Alstroemerias spread by underground rhizomes and, although they can be grown in containers, they are best planted in beds where they will quickly colonize. Looks best with regular moisture but if it goes dry for a spell it simply bides its time until more water arrives. It may go deciduous in Winter but will revive in the Spring. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Tolerates clay soil. Prune to ground to encourage healthy new growth. Attracts hummers.

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Average Water

USDA zones 7-10