Highly esteemed and a cinch to grow, this glimmering gem of an Alstroemeria will furnish gardens and vases with slews of flowers from spring thru fall. An absolute favorite, A. ‘Margaret’ is a tried and true, garden-worthy variety with long, luxurious stems that never quit. Gorgeous, extra-large 2.5” flaring fuchsia blooms present speckled golden throats are held 8-10 to a cluster atop abundant, upright 3-4’ stems. They are great for cut flowers, lasting 2 weeks in a vase – pulling stems (rather than cutting them) from the base will encourage vigorous growth. Spreading to 3-4’ across, they’re easily divided and shared with covetous friends. Clayish tolerant, they love compost-enhanced, well-drained soil, so do mix some in. Can be grown in large containers, too. Plants are deciduous, so, cut to the ground in fall, and they’ll return with vigor in spring.


Avg/Low Water

USDA zones 7-10