'Touchstone Gold'

Beet 'Touchstone Gold'


A new & improved version of golden beets with a better shape & good, solid yellow color. Plant the seedlings 3” apart & keep them well-watered until the roots get to the size you prefer. Cool weather will improve the flavor, making beets a fine Winter crop for the Bay Area. While best know as pickled beets & used as a condiment, golden beets are particularly popular steamed & added to green salads for the beautiful color contrast. Unlike the red varieties that stain the other ingredients red, it won’t not turn your salad yellow. Roasting in the oven until tender intensifies the sweetness of the beets. You can roast them whole or peel & dice them with a small amount of oil & seasoning. The tops are good in any recipe where you would use chard.

Anni J.

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