Container Collages, Hanging Baskets and Living Bouquets

Planting in containers is a great way to bring living beauty to whatever large or small space you have while having fun experimenting with mixing and arranging different containers and flower types together. At Annie’s we’ll plant almost anything in a pot, but we rarely put more than one type of plant in a container at a time. Having just one or two plants per pot lets them grow fuller and last longer because their roots are not competing for space and nutrients in the soil. We then like to group lots of containers together to make colorful “Container Collage Gardens” all throughout our nursery. Hanging baskets are another great option for jazzing up your balcony, patio or pergola. There are many types of plants that are happiest when trailing down over a basket’s edge. If you prefer to have multiple different plants in a single container you need to me a bit more careful about plant selection and think of your containers more like seasonal “living bouquets” that will definitely last much longer than cut flowers but not as long as if plants we living solo in their containers. Whichever style you choose, your plant options are many and here are some of our faves.

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Begonia boliviensis
'Santa Cruz Sunset'

This highly desirable species of Begonia is drop-dead gorgeous, non-stop blooming and INCREDIBLY HEAT TOLERANT! Forming trailing mounds of deep green, angel-winged leaves to 2’, it’s perfect for hanging baskets, shady pots... or anywhere in the garden where you want gorgeous foliage densely packed with a mesmerizing, super-sized (to 3”) flame-like vermillion blooms that’ll keep up the show all the way from spring thru first frost. Hardy to USDA zone 7b, it goes deciduous in winter and returns from tuberous roots in late spring. Once established, it is drought and heat tolerant – although in VERY hot weather, a bit of shade is preferred. If planted in the ground, make sure it gets good drainage.

Perennial USDA Zones 7b-10

Begonia x tuberhybrida pendula
'Illumination Apricot'

Guaranteed spectacular! Aren’t we lucky! These wondrous hanging tuberous Begonias grow best in coastal California (as well as states where nights are cool). Fast growing and quick to bloom, you’ll soon have 100’s of gorgeous, double peachy-apricot blossoms 3-4” across, cascading beautifully from late spring till fall. Do grow them in fertile soil in a hanging basket or large container where they’ll trail at least 2’ from the top. Best in filtered shade with only AM sun and keep fairly moist. If you want to overwinter them, stop watering in late fall when the foliage turns yellow. Lift, dry and store tubers in a cool, dry place.

Perennial USDA Zones 9-11
(Annual Elsewhere)

'Tiger Eyes'

Fantastical deep maroon patterning against an old-gold background make this long blooming Viola a must. It’s perfect for pots or combine with bronzy foliage in the garden.

Annual All USDA Zones

'Starry Night'

A nonstop bloomer in warm winter, cool summer areas like ours. 2” bright yellow flowers edged with luscious lavender are held just above a tidy mound of foliage to 6” tall. Combines well with other shade-lovers such as hellebores, columbines, and smaller ferns. Bees and hummers!

Perennial USDA Zones 5-10

'Whopping Purple Whiskers'

Huge, 2.5" across, intensely whiskered blooms of velvety purple and white freely flower over a long period on a compact form. Wonderful in pots and purr-fect for the kiddies! Rich soil for amazing show! Edible!

Annual All USDA Zones

'Galfrey Lye'

Luminous, eye-catching blooms suspended from amazingly long, slender stems makes this one of our favorite Fuchsias! And it's GALL MITE RESISTANT! Fast growing into a graceful 4' x 3' shrub with arching, wine-red stems, it blooms year around in our mild climate and starts flowering early in USDA zone 8. An abundant bloomer, the lovable 3" "fairy-lantern" flowers display white-blushed-pink tubes and sepals encircling smoky carmine petals, the color contrast making them noticeable even from a distance. Best in rich soil with an annual spring side-dress of compost. Evergreen (in zone 9-11), it's also one of the most cold hardy - returning from the base after frosts down to 8-10° F. Choice for lighting up a partially shady corner. Can be cut back to 2' tall anytime to refresh, it bounces back fast. Hummers! Bred by Dr. Peter Baye.

Perennial USDA Zones 8-11

'Old Berkeley'

Brought to you by Fuchsia rustlers lurking around old Bay Area gardens, we’re not sure of the real name here, but we do know that this is one gorgeous old-timer! To a bushy 5’ x 4’, with arching branches, you get loads of these dreamy flowers, a good 2” in size, with deep matte purple corollas beneath green tipped white sepals. Valuable for filling a corner with year-round bloom, arching over a fence and for inviting hummingbirds. Evergreen. Loamy soil, side dress with compost annually and cut back anytime for lesser stature or just to refresh!

Perennial USDA Zones 8-11

Sedum morganianum

One of the prettiest and easy to grow, cascading succulents there is. Best grown as a hanging plant to let its rows cascade (as much as two feet). Can be grown outside in full sun or inside in bright light. Frost tender, so bring it inside on the coldest winter days. Not a prolific bloomer but will eventually produce tiny, fuzzy pink flowers. Needs quick draining soil.

Perennial USDA Zones 10-11

Sedum cauticola

This low growing stonecrop is a double threat. Not only does it feature pink-rimmed powdery blue leaves that acquire a purplish-lavender hue in the colder months, but when it bursts into bloom it dazzles with bright pink, starry flowers! Hugging the ground at about 3” in height, this “sea of stones” features pretty rosettes of closely held ½” fleshy leaves in opposing pairs. Perfect for a dry or rock garden, it shines on its own.

Perennial USDA Zones 3-9

Lysimachia nummularia

Liquid gold for a dull shady corner! Not invasive like the common green type, “Golden Pennywort” forms a low super dense weed-suppressing mat to only 2” tall and 2’ wide, filling in bare spots and weaving itself between plants. This is one groundcover that really does what it’s supposed to do! Cool with dark foliage . It’s a primo choice for cascading over the edge of a bed, barrel, hanging basket or trailing into a pond.

Perennial USDA Zones 5-10

Campanula poscharskyana
'Blue Waterfall'

This high performance selection of C. poscharskyana just puts the original species to shame! Smothering itself off and on all season with charming 1” lavender-blue stars, it’s a perfect and handy choice as a fast growing groundcover in bright shade beds and for fronting shrubs. Mounding to 1’ tall with trailing stems spreading to 30” across, it's super EASY and long-lived. Evergreen in mild winter areas. Best show in rich, loamy soil. Cut back 6”in Fall.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10

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Here’s your chance to learn about Agaves and how to best incorporate them into your landscape from one of the country’s preeminent experts, Brian Kemble, Curator at the Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery. Brian has been curator at The Garden for over 40 years and is highly regarded in the horticultural world and is a prolific writer and lecturer on botanical topics, especially relating to succulent plants. Brian's work for The Garden has included hybridizing aloes, agaves, gasterias and some South American cacti.

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Sunday, August 7 at 11am PST
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