Limnanthes douglasii ssp. rosea
“Rosy Meadowfoam”

With the loss of 90% of California’s vernal pool habitats, we may one day see the loss of this jewel of a California Spring-blooming annual. Mostly native to vernal pool margins, but also found in the inner Coast Ranges, Cascade & Sierra Foothills & Sacramento & San Joaquin Valleys. Long blooming & floriferous, “Rosy Meadowfoam” grows to 12” tall & at least 12” across, bearing a mass of 1” white, cup-shaped blooms veined in rose, often the flowers will fade to pink with age. Highly attractive to native bees, there is at least one native bee that specializes in only the pollen of this native. EASY TO GROW, plant “Rosy Meadowfoam” at the edge of a bed to let its matting form spill over the side. Rich to average well-drained soil. Should self-sow.


Sun/Pt. Sun
Average Water

CA Native Annual
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