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A Touch of Tropicalismo!

Time's running out to plant cool season annuals!

Here at Annie's, we're known for our devotion to the classics – old fashioned annuals and perennials, cottage garden essentials and many heirloom varieties available nowhere else. But did you know we're also dedicated to finding the most interesting and gardenworthy rare and unusual plants the world has to offer? It's true! For years, we've scoured global seed exchanges and botanical gardens and forged friendships and exchanged cuttings and seeds with gardeners all over the world to quench our desire for beautiful, new, exciting treasures to add to our gardens and share with passionate gardeners like you!

Tick-Tock to Spring Pop!

Time's running out to plant cool season annuals!

Have you planted your "Giant Poppies", "Sweet Peas" and cool season California native wildflowers yet? If not, here's your GSA (gardening service announcement) to get them in the ground in the next couple weeks for a glorious Spring bonanza! After the weather starts to warm in mid-April, they'll no longer be available for sale till Fall. So when our sample pots start to go off in April and May and everyone is drooling, you'll be in on the action!


Beautiful, tough, versatile CA native wildflowers!

With a list of lovely qualities as long as our arm, it's no secret we dearly love our CA native Clarkias. And yet ... we find they are entirely under-planted and under-appreciated! How can that be, when they are so beautiful, tough and versatile? Just consider their virtues: Crappy soil? (Plant Clarkias!). Less than perfect drainage? (Plant Clarkias!). Hot and dry? Nibbly deer? You get the point! Plant some Clarkias and let the magic begin!

Grow Your Own Veggies!

Start Spring and Summer vegetables now!

We’ve teamed up with our favorite local seed company, Oakland’s own Kitazawa Seed Co. (est. 1917), to offer you three different collections of our most in-demand vegetable varieties to sow for delicious Spring and Summer crops. All of the varieties in these collections can be sown NOW, as well as over a longer season for multiple crops. Some can be started in an indoor windowsill, while others prefer to be planted directly into your garden – each packet includes complete sowing instructions.

Can't Go Wrong Combos!

Tried-and-true combos that'll work harder than you do!

One of the #1 things people ask for when they come into the nursery is help choosing pretty plant combinations. They see our demo gardens all a'bloom and want to know how they can make that same magic happen in their home gardens. Well, the secret is pretty simple – choose compatible plants that grow and bloom at the same time! You can totally do it and we're here to help!

NEW FOR YOU, 2021 Edition!

Our 2020 plant trials are complete! We've measured the new recruits and the few that did survive the gauntlet of our expectations are starting to roll out! Here are just a handful of the beauties that blew us away in 2020 – with more to come! Grab them while you can, some are limited or only available once a year!

We HEART Foxgloves!

Cottage garden ICONS for a reason!

Name an iconic cottage garden classic that gets your gardener's heart pumping ... we'll go first. Old-fashioned and hardy "Foxgloves" are essential for any sun to part-shady garden needing color, height and movement (and that's like, everyone, right?).

Rising up from lush basal rosettes, cascading multitudes of finger-shaped (hence the Latin name Digitalis) blooms stud tall, sturdy spires to 30". What a sight! When they start blooming in our sample pots and demo gardens in Spring everyone wants one – but, here's the secret: you gotta plant them early if you want to enjoy flowers this year!

Get Ready for SPRING!

Spring inspiration starts NOW with our Spring Slideshow!
We're OPEN President's Day Mon. Feb. 15!

Greetings garden friends! The days we Western gardeners look forward to all year-long are upon us! Longer days, Spring showers (yay!!) and the the first sweet sounds of birdsong can only mean one thing ... SPRING is near!!

Effervescent & EASY Eschscholzias!

Let's give a shout out to California! Anything that brings joy these days is a good thing, and few floral displays are as pure as our state flower in bloom. Whether they're dotting the hillsides from afar, popping up on trails or even growing in highway medians, California poppies are here to bring cheer and NOW is a great time to plant them for Spring and Summer bloom.

Grow Outrageous Jumbo Delphs!

There's still time to plant these giants for Spring bloom!

Here at the nursery, we're madly planting mighty and magnificent Delphiniums in our gardens and half barrel containers for April and May bloom – and you can, too!

We're long-time devotees of these hardy and hunky heartthrobs for their celestial and enlivening color, their bodacious cut flowers and their endurance in the garden. Some modern hybrids (which shall remain nameless) are short-lived and weak in mild climates – not these!