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A few nice words from our customers:

"Wow! In 30 years of gardening by mail, I never, never! received a shipment of plants that were this beautiful and healthy. I just had to go back to your website and order again from some of the items that I had placed on my Wish List. You will have much more of my business in the future. Thank you!" ~Doug M., Bloomington, ID
"I ordered quite a bit yesterday and was back to gazing at your site again today. Will have to order more. It might just be easier to move in with you. Thanks for such wonderful slideshows that I am watching while I should be working."~Angela H., Seatac, WA

Our proprietary packaging

Our proprietary packaging is rated best in the business!

We ship 4, 6, 8 and 12-packs

We ship 4, 6, 8 and 12-packs and wrap every plant with care!

"Everything arrived promptly and I can tell you that your shipping system is the best of all the plant mail order companies. I have ordered from many different companies and have not had plants shipped in such impeccable condition and arrive in the same condition. I am looking forward to ordering again from your company." ~Candy H., San Diego, CA
"I bet you get tons of compliments on your user friendly, cheerful website, extraordinary shipping care and gorgeous plants. But I gotta tell ya, it's those roots that won my heart! P.S. Proof of the pudding - I'm filling out another order right now!" ~Mary B., Yorktown, VA

Plants arriving in Los Angeles

Plants arriving in Los Angeles, CA! Photo courtesy Chris Y.

Plants arriving in Severna Park, Maryland

Plants arriving in Severna Park, Maryland! Photo courtesy Ezekiel S.

"Dear Annie's Staff: My garden looks absolutely gorgeous! It is planted with all plants from Annie's and I have followed all of Annie's dear advice in the beautiful catalogs and everything is beyond my wildest dreams!!! You guys really are the best (and you CAN PRINT that for all the world to see!!). ~Chris Y, Los Angeles, CA
"I found your website on Dave's Garden and I spent a couple of hours going through each and every plant. I just want you to know that of all the sites I have looked at in the past few years, yours has to be the best one I have come across. So informative about size and bloom times. Just wish I lived in California so I could visit your nursery - it looks absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to add some of your flowers to my garden." ~Karen E., Belfair, WA
"Just wanted to let you know that my plants arrived recently and even though they went from the West Coast to the East Coast, they look better than any mail order plants I've ever received. Great job, wow!" ~Leslie S., Montague, MA.
"I am thrilled with your plants!!! All my neighbors want to know where I got these beautiful flowers!!" ~Malissa Z., Annapolis, MD

Plants arriving in Scottsdale

Plants arriving in Scottsdale, AZ! Photo courtesy Cameron D.

Plants arriving in Baywood Park

Plants arriving in Baywood Park, CA! Photo courtesy Kaveh M.

"Just received my order, everything is in perfect condition. The root balls are firm and healthy, they were wrapped in brown, compostable paper, the plant tag is easy to read, the entire thing came in a simple bag tucked back into a 4 inch pot. No waste. I composted the paper, reused the pots and oohed and ahhed! ~Angie C., Weed, CA
"I love everything about Annie's: their catalogue, their plants - everything! I've picked up wonderful gardening tips too as I live in SoCal. I've ordered numerous times and ALWAYS the plants arrive in good shape, healthy and QUICKLY. I don't think I've ever had a plant from Annie's croak on me! ~Mary O., San Pedro, CA
No wonder you guys are my first choice for plants! Quality plants shipped to arrive not only alive but in super shape. THE BEST customer SERVICE!!! I'll be back! ~LaDona H., Hines, OR
My order just arrived and I was not prepared for what I received. Never before in my life have I bought the quality of plants you sent (and I am 79 ½ years old). Purchased identical plants from a greenhouse in Tuscon and they were about 1/10th the size and they died within three weeks. Actually think they were DOA. Thanks so much for growing such wonderful plants!!! ~Bobby P, San Angelo, TX
"I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the flowers I got from Annie's. I live in northern Illinois where weather can be kinda tough on plants in the spring - especially new plantings. ALL of them survived and flourished with great blooms. The Poppies I got ALL bloomed fabulously. And the Agrostemma - spectacular!!! I hope the seeds take over in the bed that I planted them in :-) My wife isn't big into flowers or gardening, but she was so impressed with what we got and how well they did, I have her blessings to order whatever I want next year - HA!" ~Bill K., Spring Grove, IL
"Annie's treats customers and plants with care and consideration. These plants have now been in the ground here for over a month, showed no signs of shipping stress-due to the well thought out packing. The rootballs were huge and the plants - a diverse mix - took off rapidly. Several plants have outdone those from the local 'upscale' nursery, where I paid 3x as much for a larger size. Thanks Annie's for a wonderful experience! ~Cynthia N., Chippewa Lake, OH
"WOW, thanks!! I have never received an order of plants that arrived in such perfect condition! But yours were remarkable! Not a leaf or sprout bent or broken, the soil was moist and root systems healthy and in excellent condition! I can't wait to order more from your company now! Thanks so much for taking care of my babies!!" ~Lynn T, Fresno, CA
"I am so pleased with the way you do business. It is so different from other mail order catalog businesses I have dealt with previously. The plants arrive in great shape because you insist on overnighting them. They are big enough to plant in the ground immediately. I don't have to baby them in ever-increasing-size pots for a year before I dare put them in the ground. And your selection is just great. Thank you! ~Pam D., Arroyo Grande, CA
"What a wonderful first time experience with Annie's. Our 6 plant shipment arrived in 4 days. The plants were some of the largest and healthiest we have ever received from mail order and we purchase very frequently as we convert our large property into our own garden tour. Don't let the 4-inch pot size hinder your purchase. Our healthy lush plants were very large and tumbling over the sides. Thanks Annie, we will be returning very soon for additional plants to get them in the ground now for a jump start on spring growth. This was an excellent experience and we wanted to share. ~Thomas M., Jacksonville, FL
"Wowie!!!! The box arrived today and I couldn't believe the plants. You folks are the BEST!!!!!! I've never had a catalog company treat me so good. I have ordered plants from a lot of different places but never got such good service. I want to thank the whole crew at Annie's for being so nice. I really appreciate all you have done for me. I am on my way now to plant these green gifts. Thanks, again." ~Ilene K., Lakeland, FL
"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my order. I ordered some plants about 3 days ago and they came yesterday. I am amazed at the promptness and the condition of the plants and packaging. I was expecting not much more than twigs and here are these happy, healthy plants that are packaged so well they could probably go through a tornado intact!! I’m very impressed and thank you. I’ll definitely be ordering from you in future." ~Gillian D., Marysville, CA
"I love the "Wish List." feature! I use it all the time to save plants I want for later purchases or that are just not available at this time so I will be notified when they are. A wonderful feature. Each week I hear from Annie's letting me know which plants are now available. Annie's is my favorite web site and I highly recommend it. ~Pam P., Santa Maria, CA
"We just received our first order from Annie's. It was on time and packed to perfection.The plants were exquisite and we are getting ready to order more. Far superior to anyone we have ordered from online." ~Deb, Granite Falls, NC
"I have ordered lots of plants through the years and I just wanted to let you guys know that I am soooooooo happy with the plants, the packaging, the people, and the fast shipping. You make everything so easy. Thanks so much and keep up the great job!" ~Joan S., Bremerton, WA
I've looked at this website for a few years and was a bit hesitant ordering plants for Colorado from a California grower. This year I gave in and I'm so glad I did! My plants arrived impeccably packed and in perfect shape. Since they are perennials I'll see how they winter. And ... I just placed my second order with Annie's! ~Joimack, Wheat Ridge, CO
"I received my order and I just want to say "THANK YOU!" I have fallen in love with your site and am delighted with my new plants. Excellent packing and prompt delivery and very healthy and enchanting plants. Your knowledgeable and courteous sales people/gardeners are also SUPER. I will definitely be buying more from you in the future. Thanks again!" ~Liah S., Valinda, CA
"I am so impressed (and it takes a lot to impress me) with the packing. They arrived safely, one in bloom, and very little soil in the box. Great job Annie, you should give lessons to other companies. I will shop again with you." ~Louise A, Foster City, CA
"Your shipment arrived today. As I have come to expect, the plants were in superb condition. Your shipping arrangements are the best I have seen in some 70 years of gardening. (Started as forced labor at age 9 ) Thanks." ~Bob M., Sandy, OR
Wow – am I ever impressed! I am jumping up and down with joy over my new garden arrivals. I received my 2 big boxes of plants and they were WONDERFUL. I have always been sooooo disappointed with other mail order. You should be the example other nurseries learn from. I accidentally found you (online) and instantly ordered your catalog. When it came, I read it from cover to cover and fell in love with all of you. I just want to duplicate here in SoCal what you have done in NorCal. Until I do (only a dream), I will remain a faithful customer and when I get up north, I plan to come and visit. ~Pamela N., Temecula, CA
"Hello Good People At Annie's! You exceeeded my expectations with the plants you shipped me - they are healthy, robust and beautifully shipped! Thanks for making my day. Please let your employees know your team effort keeps repeat customers. Cheers! ~Scott R., Mt. Vernon, WA
"Everything arrived in perfect condition - the Violas were even blooming! They are all happily in the ground now and I am an Annie-phile for life. Thanks!" ~Randi M., Hamden, CT
"I just had to write and tell you how marvelous your company is. The condition of the plants, how they are packed and delivered, how quickly they take off once they are in the ground, all wonderful and top notch. I have ordered from other online sources and no one can compare with your practices. Thank you for having such integrity and caring for your grateful customers so well. And thank you for the absolutely beautiful plants." ~Lorna B., Los Osos, CA
"Received an Acnistus Australis a few weeks ago ... this morning I noticed it had flowered ... a single blue/purple bell. I ran from the backyard into the house yelling "look, look, isn't it beautiful?" I probably woke up the neighbors as the sun was barely up. Such excitement!" ~Carole M. Orangevale, CA.
"After a lovely walk with my wife this morning I came home to find my Annie's Annuals plant order sitting on my stoop. When I opened the box I could hardly believe my eyes. I saw a garden of Eden in a box! Each plant was carefully wrapped and loaded in the shipping box and each one was in pristine condition as if it had just been brought out of the greenhouse or garden. The plants are lush and healthy and I know because of the great start they got at Annie's that they will thrive in my garden. I highly recommend Annie's Annuals to any avid gardener from beginner or old pro! Thanks for the great plants" ~Michael T., Lompoc, CA