About Us

"Annie Hayes should receive the Nobel Prize for gardening"

Richard Von Buseck Santa Cruz Metro News

From humble beginnings as a backyard hobby 20 years ago, "Annie's" has evolved into a 2 ½-acre "growing" nursery here in Richmond, CA (across the Bay from San Francisco). We provide plants to about 60 independent retail nurseries and open our doors for retail shopping here at the mothership, 9-5, 7 DAYS a week! For fellow Plant-a-Holics living far away, we also offer our plants by mail order.

Here at "Annie's," we grow most of our plants the old fashioned way - from seed - in the wind, rain and sun (no greenhouses), so your plants are already "hardened off," healthy and strong when you take them home. All of our plants are grown in 4" pots without the use of growth regulating hormones, commonly sprayed on almost all annuals and most perennials by large scale growers. These growth regulators slow plant growth and extend "shelf life" but can lead to disappointing results in our gardens.

We select the plants we grow not only for their beauty and/or fragrance, but most often for the natural grace and charm they add to our gardens (so often missing in modern hybrids found at "big box" garden centers). I myself am partial to cottage garden annuals and perennials that grow taller than the increasing number of "squatty" modern hybrids.

I love plants that grow as Mother Nature intended, adding height and movement to the garden, plants that sway with the breeze. I also love the old-fashioned annuals because they self-sow so easily (again, unlike modern hybrids), delighting us with lots of free plants each year, along with the serendipitous and surprising flowering combinations they provide.

We are so fortunate to be located in USDA zone 10, Sunset zone 17, for we are able to grow a vast number of plant varieties from both warm and cold climates. Along with offering an amazing number of garden treasures, we also specialize in Mediterranean climate varieties from around the world, including wondrous South African annuals, perennials and shrubs.

During our cool season (November - March) we are thrilled to offer one of the largest selections of California native annual wildflowers and native perennials available anywhere. Here at "Annie's," our annual wildflowers are so near and dear to our hearts, we encourage you to try them even if you live at a great distance. They are so easy, pretty and well . so charming!

Thank you for checking us out!

Happy Gardening!

Annie Hayes

"Great website! Great products that I have enjoyed for years! Nice to see the sense of humor and fun come across so in my first visit to your website tonight. Now my old treasured "Flower Floosie" teeshirt makes sense having witnessed some of your corporate culture exhibited in the website. Fun group! Also, your slideshow is a wow! Just wanted to let you know you have a winning formula all-around. Annie, you are my new hero." -Renata Muller