Dah’ling Dahlias, Magic Marigolds
& more big summer bloomers

“June is bustin’ out all over” and so are all our best summer bloomers. Now’s the time to get them planted for your biggest, best summer garden ever! Ahh those Dahlias. Can anyone have just one? Our tough and hardy species Dahlias tend to be sturdier, bushier, more bloomiferous, larger and more robust. They never need staking and are powdery mildew resistant. Plus, like all Dahlias, they're deer resistant, virtually pest free, make gorgeous cut flowers and, possibly best of all, are easy to divide and share with all your garden friends!*

Want more spectacular summer color and bloominess? Mix in some Marigolds, Rudbeckias and Calendulas. They’re easy to grow, loved by the bees and butterflies, make great cut flowers and bloom all summer. What’s not to love!

* Dahlia quantities are limited and we expect these lovelies to sell quickly. Be an early bird so you don't miss out! **

Dahlia hybridium

Eye catching 3” electric-hot-pink flowers glow against deep mahogany foliage. Grows 30” x 20” and boasts a long summer bloom period (especially with deadheading). Takes the heat, but avoid getting leaves wet to circumvent powdery mildew.

Perennial Bulb USDA zones 9-11

'Dark Side of the Sun'

Lucious golden yellow, single, 4” blooms brushed with apricot really pop against its chocolate foliage. Bees! Cut flowers! Grows 3x4’ and blooms summer thru fall, especially with deadheading.

Perennial USDA Zones 9-10

Dahlia hybridium

Almost too pretty to be real! Jewel-like 3” pinwheel striped pink blooms pop against rich, mahogany-black foliage. A useful 3’ x 2’ size you can find a spot for almost anywhere. Blooms May – October! Do deadhead to prolong bloom.

Perennial USDA Zones 9-10

'Day of the Dead Orange'

THE flower for your fall “Day of the Dead” celebrations, but plant now. Bushy old fashioned enormous Marigolds that have now become almost impossible to find. Bear super double rich orange blooms 5” across and grow 3’x3’. Superb for cutting, they’re profuse and long blooming

Annual All Zones

'Day of the Dead Golden Yellow'

The real “African Marigolds” – that grow BIG and BUSHY, 3’x3’. Fantastic, super-doubly, sweetly scented blooms to 4-5”, all summer into fall. Long-stemmed, they’re superb cut. Rich soil is best.

Annual All Zones


Hundreds of fantastical, 3” circus tent flowers are sweetly scented and borne exuberantly on this big, bushy, 3’x3’ TALL heirloom Marigold. Blooms for several months – especially if you deadhead. Butterflies and delightful cut flowers! Best in rich soil and self-sows.

Annual All Zones


The flowers are single, glowing, mahogany red - sometimes edged with gold that then matures into velvety bronzes and yellows. It makes a 2’ X 2’ bush and is very easy to grow. ‘Villandry’ is covered with flowers all summer and fall.

Annual All Zones

Rudbeckia hirta
'Cherry Brandy'

3-4”, long-lasting flowers perfect for bouquets from early summer straight into fall! Grown from seed, the flower color may be variable - ranging from burgundy-kissed chocolate to brilliant raspberry red! Easy to grow, tolerant of humidity, and an excellent food source for bees, butterflies, and seed-loving birdies. Reseeds reliably for future freebies. Abides clay, poor soil, and drought, but looks its best with regular water and rich soil. 2’ tall by 1’ wide.

Perennial USDA zones 5-10
(Annual Elsewhere)

Rudbeckia hirta
'Solar Eclipse'

4” bi-colored flowers. Large, dramatic burgundy brown center. Reaches 2’x2’ with a thick clump of basal leaves, each covered by coarse hair, and stout branching stems. Starting in mid-Summer, it produces an endless show of vibrant gold and mahogany flowers until first frost! Loved by bees, butterflies, and birds. Happy in heat, doesn’t need much water and is generally resistant to insects. Makes a lovely cut flower.

Annual All Zones

Calendula officinalis

Glorious gobs of palm-sized super double to semi-double blooms of rich orange quilled petals make a sumptuous show from early spring thru summer in coastal CA. In hotter areas, cut back to 6” in summer for a second round of bloom. To 2’x2’, this heirloom variety is one of the easiest hardy annuals you can grow and edible, too! Toss petals in your salads. Self-sows. Deer resistant!

Annual All Zones

'Strawberry Blonde'

Lovely pale pinkish golden flowers with striped, burnt red backsides and burgundy centers, provide a focal point among the shorter plants at the front of your beds. First forms a dense 18” bush of dark green foliage then produces an endless parade of bewitching blooms in summer. Edible and long-lasting cut flowers, attract butterflies. loves the sun and will grow in a wide variety of soils. Deadheading prolongs the blooming period. May overwinter in zones 10 and 11. Deer resistant.

Annual All zones

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