Hollyhock and Lupine Love

Growing Hollyhocks and Lupines, are two surefire ways to bring beauty, romance and vertical excitement to your garden, with a bit of nostalgia “sown” in for good measure. Both produce lovely bushy foliage that frames the strong towering spikes packed top to bottom with blooms that the bees and butterflies go wild for. With heirloom, CA native, and best-in-breed, long-lived hybrid varieties in a wide range of colors – there are Lupines and Hollyhocks for everyone.

Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)
'Crème de Cassis'

One of the most dramatic of all Hollyhocks, Creme de Cassis features large semi-double pale pink flowers abundantly splashed with a rich maroon. The 3” blooms display ruffled inner petals and a pale-yellow stamen that provides nectar for bees and butterflies. Multi-branching plants reach an impressive 5' tall, providing the perfect backdrop for shorter plants. They are also drought-tolerant enough to spice up a dry garden bed. A hard prune after the initial summer bloom will reinvigorate the plant and often lead to a second flowering. This hollyhock also makes a wonderful cut flower. May self sow.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-11

Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)
'Halo Purple'

Are these lofty beauties heaven sent? PERENNIAL, RUST RESISTANT, 4’ across with multiple towers 5-8’ tall - bearing multitudes of cheery 5" purple blooms; super useful for adding gorgeous vertical structure to the back of a border. Birds, bees and butterflies can’t resist these ROYALLY purple, yellow-eyed beauties. The blooms start in Summer and the show just keeps on going until the first major chill - even in the first year! Staking the stalks will keep 'em proud and tall. Well-drained soil is recommended, cut back to the base and give a 1" a blanket of compost after the blooms are spent.

Perennial USDA Zones 3-10

Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)
'Radiant Rose'

An exciting 2010 entry in the Spotlight series, Radiant Rose lives up to its name, offering the richest rose-pink flowers! Reliably blooming its first year, with satiny, crepe-textured 3” flowers sprouting on multi-branching stems that can reach 6' tall, this drought tolerant, easy-to-grow perennial is a standout in any garden. Pinch to produce more compact and bushy plants. This cottage garden beauty attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds and makes a beautiful addition to any cut flower arrangement. A hard prune after the initial summer bloom will reinvigorate the plant and often lead to a second flowering.

Perennial USDA Zones 3-10a

Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)
'Halo Apricot'

One of our biggest thrills this past year in the nursery was this cherry-eyed, single apricot hollyhock – and to our surprise, it sprouted the coveted fig-leaf foliage and multiple spiking habit! Hurray – another perennial Hollyhock! Just like ‘Single Black’ and with A. rugosa, you’ll get a long-lived, long blooming and rust resistant 5’ tall cottage garden gem. Combine with Verbascum ‘Southern Charm’ and bloom-at-the-same-time Lilium regale for maximum romance and fragrance. Bloom time lasts from Summer through Fall, after which you should cut the stalks to the base and side dress with some compost.

Perennial USDA Zones 3-10

Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)
'Chater's Double White'

Definitely the rage in our large container display garden last year. These blooms were just so pristine white they glowed! The best double-white available with grand extra-double 4-5” blooms that appear densely stacked for several months on the branching 6’+ stalk. For big bodacious performance do grow them in loamy soil with compost added. Biennial, they’ll bloom the 1st season if planted in Spring in temperate climates like ours.

Perennial USDA Zones 3-10a

Lupinus regalis
'Gallery White'

We adore these prolific Lupines because they don’t wimp out with rust and mildew in our foggy coastal climate like the commonly available ‘Russell Hybrids.’ Handsome palmate leaves create an attractive foliar mound topped by an ongoing display of elegant pure white FRAGRANT 12” spikes from mid-Spring thru Fall. Beautiful in bouquets, cutting spent spikes keeps new ones coming. Cut back in Winter or anytime to refresh. To 3’ tall and across.

Perennial USDA Zones 7-10

'Manhattan Lights'

Create eye-popping vertical impact! To 3’ tall and 2’ across, the hefty, sweetly scented upright spikes “pop” with electric purple and primrose yellow blooms on closely packed spires, 12-18” above a 2’ x 2’ mound of garden-enhancing, large, palmate foliage. You get glorious mid-Spring to mid-late summer bloom and stunning cut flowers, plus bees and butterflies. Provide good air circulation and rich, well-drained soil. Cutting spent spikes extends bloom, too.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10a

Lupinus polyphyllus
'The Governor'

Big, stately and glamourous, bi-colored blue-purple and white 12-18” spikes of this cottage classic make for a gorgeous vertical statement. And the dense 24-30” clump of palmate leaves delivers outstanding foliar interest in the garden. Blooming late Spring to mid-Summer it’s quite a phenomenal presence in the border or large (20+ gal) container. Definitely provide rich, compost soil and good air circulation for best performance. Butterflies! Deer resistant.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10a

Lupinus regalis
'Morello Cherry'

Most of us here along the Coast have never been able to keep the “Regal Lupines” (L. polyphyllus) alive, commonly available in 6-packs in Spring. When we got a hold of the seed for ‘Morello Cherry’ Lupine, we had a feeling it was different and would prosper here. Seed propagator Anni Jensen strongly suggested we hold it back, making sure it would not succumb to mildew and rust. we got to have my chuckle when it not only thrived, but produced the most beautiful, 16” perfectly erect spikes of large, cherry-red blooms with vivid pink wings and a cranberry banner. It grew almost 3’ tall, branched out 2’-3’ wide and bloomed all Summer! Grown from seed, so color is slightly variable. Don’t miss it kids, it’s a winner!

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10a

Lupinus regalis
'Gallery Blue'

For years we have so coveted those storybook Lupines seen in photos of East Coast gardens but they just wouldn’t grow here. Now we can rejoice! Big luscious 12” or more erect spikes of rich purple-blue and maroon bicolor blooms can now be had mid-Spring through Fall. The lush bright green palmate leaves really stand out in the garden too and form a nice dense mound to 2’ tall and 3’ across. Now remember, storybook Lupines are rather picky and need rich humusy soil. We side-dress with compost once in early Spring and again in Summer for plant happiness and the most blooms. Goes deciduous in Winter but returns reliably each Spring. A great plant for attracting butterflies and bees and deer hate it! Will wilt if it gets too dry.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10a

Lupinus succulentus
'Rodeo Rose'

Fanciful and cheery! I love this rare color form of our CA native “Arroyo Lupine”. Loads of 4-6” sweetly-scented pink and cherry bi-colored spikes spring forth above pretty Lupine leaves on well-branched stems. To 30” x 30”, it makes a fast filler and blooms for months, looking candly-licious next to Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’. Self-sows when happy and next year’s seedlings need no additional water. Mildew and rust free! Thanks to master horticulturist Roger Raiche for this fabulous selection! Easy, fast and thrives in rich garden soil.

CA Native Annual All USDA Zones

Lupinus arboreus
"Yellow Coastal Bush Lupine"

Loads of deliciously scented, 6-8" spikes rock the house from Spring till mid-Summer on this California coastal native, attracting butterflies and bumblebees galore. Quickly growing to a substantial 4' x 4,' it's multi-branching with a stout tree-like trunk. Deer resistant and tolerant of drought and neglect, it's an excellent choice for dry gardens, parking strips and hillsides. Definitely provide good drainage and throw in some lava rock if you're going to plant it in a well-watered garden. Cut back to 3' x 3' in Fall/Winter to keep a nice bushy shape. Cut flowers! Woo-hoo! Self-sows.

Perennial USDA Zones 7-10

Lupinus propinquus
"Blue Bush Lupine"

Very much like “Yellow Tree Lupine”, but with ever-so-desirable lavender and white blooms! Hard to find, this California native shrub thrives with little water once established and is deer resistant and salt and sand tolerant. Bursting into profuse bloom in May (with some Summer water until July), the 6-8” upright fragrant spikes beckon all the butterflies and bees.

Perennial USDA Zones 7-10

Lupinus albifrons
"Silver Bush Lupine"

So much bloom with so little water! Thriving with zero Summer water, this tough CA native blooms Spring thru August with a mass of FRAGRANT 8-12” purple spikes atop handsome silvery foliage. To 3-4’ tall and wide. Best in infertile, well-drained soil. Does well in a large container and is a host for the endangered Mission Blue butterfly. Deer resistant! Hardy 0-10° F

Perennial USDA Zones 8-10

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