Plant Our Entire Summer SUNsations Garden!

First time ever folks, we’re featuring the entire “Page Six” garden, straight from our Summer 2022 catalog. Our Summer SUNsations Garden is full of bold color, pollinator-loving, long-blooming summetime classic Dahlias, Rudbeckias, Veronicas, Echinaceas, Salvias and Marigolds, that’s sure to make your garden the talk of block, if not the whole town. This demonstration garden bed was approximately 12’ by 6’. It was planted with 1-3 plants of each type grouped together for maximum fullness and fabulosity.
We know it doesn’t feel quite like summer yet, but this is the time to plan and plant for your best-ever summer garden.

See below for the Summer SUNsations Garden “recipe”

Dahlia hybridum

A real eye-catcher with masses of 3”, brightest-hot-pink flowers with sunny yellow centers glow against deep mahogany foliage. that makes wonderful foliage contrast in a sunny mixed perennial bed. It can really take the heat, but avoid getting the leaves wet to circumvent powdery mildew. Bulbs can be lifted and overwintered indoors where not hardy.

Perennial USDA Zones 9-11

'Day of the Dead Golden Yellow'

The real "African Marigolds" that are giant and fabulous to 3’ tall and wide. Big, fantastic, super-doubly, sweetly scented blooms to 4-5” across for several months. Long-stemmed, they’re superb cut flowers and perfect for your October, Day of the Dead celebrations. Rich soil is best.

Annual All USDA Zones

Salvia purpurea
'Lavender Lace'

The very definition of showy! With astoundingly fat 6-10” dangling panicles absolutely packed to overflowing with rich purple elongated 1-1.5” blooms against a background of soft and prettily veined green foliage, this large bushy Salvia reaches 6’x7’ if allowed to attain full size. However, it can be maintained at a more compact size with twice-annual pruning. Hummingbirds go crazy for it, especially when their food sources are scarcer in fall, but large butterflies and bees love it too! Cut back hard after blooming. Reseeds for freebies. Deer resistant. Provide rich, compost, well-draining soil.

Perennial USDA Zones 9-11

Rudbeckia hirta
'Cherry Brandy'

(Limited Quantities)

This big blooming beauty produces an endless supply of rich ruby-mahogany, 3-4”, long-lasting flowers from early summer straight into fall that are perfect for bouquets! Grown from seed, the flower color may be variable - ranging from burgundy-kissed chocolate to brilliant raspberry red – all are gorgeous! Tolerant of humidity and an excellent food source for bees, butterflies, and wee seed-loving birdies – it makes a great, low-maintenance, showy addition to any garden. Abides clay, poor soil, and drought, but definitely looks its best with regular water and rich soil. 2’ tall by 1’ wide.

Perennial USDA Zones 5-10

'Guava Ice'

BIG BIG 4 inch, salmon-apricot skirted pom-pom blooms are held aloft on sturdy – unfloppable – upright branching stems (to 2’ tall), and just keep coming from mid-summer thru fall. Blooms even more with deadheading. Long-lasting cut flowers! Great in containers (5+ gal). Prefers well-draining garden soil. Butterflies! Deer resistant!

Perennial USDA Zones 5-10a

'Rainbow Marcella'

(Very Limited Quantities)

A super heavy bloomer with lots and lots of big – almost 4”-across heart-melting bi-colored raspberry and peach pinwheels surrounding a prominent central cherry-burgundy “cone”. More compact than most Echinaceas, to only 18” x 18”. Great in containers. Well-drained average garden soil. Butterfly magnet! Cut flowers! Deer and rabbit resistant!

Perennial USDA Zones 5-10a


(Excellent Sub. for
‘Rainbow Marcella’)

Stunning pompom flowers in a mouth-watering cantaloupe color! A must-stop for all manner of bees and butterflies, this “Coneflower” first puts out individual, sturdy stems filled with lightly hairy linear leaves, forming a sturdy clump 2-3’ high and 2’ wide. The 3” flowers feature center rows of peony-like florets, surrounded by lighter apricot-hued petals. Excellent cut flowers!

Perennial USDA zones 4-10


One of the best flowering perennials for attracting hummers and butterflies to a sunny bed, purple speedwell offers up rich violet flowers all summer long. Plants first form clumps of narrow, lance-shaped green leaves, then send up multiple, foot tall, tapering spikes smothered in tiny tubular flowers come late spring. Nectar rich, these fragrant flowers attract a host of friendly pollinators to your garden. It’s ideal for adding an eye-catching vertical element but is also a modest enough size to use in containers. Easy to grow and disease, insect and deer resistant.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-11

Salvia x guaranitica
'Rhythm & Blues'

This new version of the popular “Anise Sage” is much more floriferous and blooms from spring to first frost! Quickly forms a 3-4’ high and wide bush with intensely violet 1.5” flowers offset by midnight black bracts that are held on 6-10” spikes. Anise-scented, thick, mid-green leaves give off their lovely fragrance when crushed. Attracts hummers, bees, and butterflies. Durable in the ground but also happy in a large container. Makes a showy focal point for an herb, pollinator, or low-water garden. Prefers fertile well-drained soil. Evergreen in zones 10a and higher, winter deciduous elsewhere. Deer resistant.

Perennial USDA Zones 7-10


Few perennials lavish more bold blue color over such a long period than the massively popular Mizz ‘Rozanne’! From late Spring till frost, a plentitude of intense 2” blooms fill out to 3’ (or more), trailing and mingling as they go. EASY, robust and reliable, provide decent drainage and a 1” boost of compost for massive display. Cut back to 2” tall anytime. To 18” tall. May ship dormant until May.

Perennial USDA Zones 5-10a

'Bumbleberry Pie'

Brilliant 2” neon flamingo-pink flowers with a crimson eye are held on short and strong stems, making this one of the best “pinks” for a long lasting garden and cut flower. The attractive evergreen blue-green foliage forms a dense mound to 12” high, with an endless array of fragrant, butterfly-attracting, flowers. This carnation is especially cold hardy and drought tolerant. Perfect for a container or along the edge of a bed.

Perennial USDA Zones 6-11

Summer SUNsations Garden Recipe

This garden was planted in a raised, rock bordered, bed measuring approximately 12’ long by 6’ wide using rich loamy soil. Single plants were used for larger varieties and multiple plants were used of smaller varieties to create fullness.

1) Dahlia hybridum 'Sparkler' (3)
2) Marigold 'Day of the Dead Golden Yellow' (3)
3) Salvia purpurea 'Lavender Lace' (1)
4) Rudbeckia hirta 'Cherry Brandy' (3)
5) Echinacea 'Guava Ice' (2)
6) Echinacea 'Rainbow Marcella' (2) or
    sub. Echinacea 'Cantaloupe' (1)
7) Veronica 'Purpleicious' (1)
8) Salvia x guaranitica 'Rhythm & Blues' (1)
9) Geranium 'Rozanne' (2)
10) Dianthus 'Bumbleberry Pie' (2)


Mother’s Day is Coming!

A friendly, flowery reminder that Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away and an Annie’s Gift Card makes a wonderful gift for your favorite mom or grandmom. Let her shop and pick out her favorite plants.
Gift certificates can be mailed or delivered electronically and can be used online, in our retail nursery or by calling 1 (888) 266-4370. Allow 7-10 days for mail delivery or email is virtually instant.






Craft and take home a free bud-vase bouquet made from CA native plants (while supplies last). This event is thanks to a partnership between Annie’s and the California Native Plant Society to help promote Bloom! California, a statewide effort to raise awareness about the beauty and benefits of planting natives in your garden. It’s a great time to plant natives!

“Beauty and the Beast – California Wildflowers & Climate Change”
by authors Rob Badger & Nina Winter

International award-winning conservation photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter will be her to sign their award-winning book, that chronicles, with breathtaking imagery, their 27-year journey photographing wildflowers throughout California and the West, and inspires hope and action regarding climate change, land conservation and species extinction.

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