Bloomiferous Beauties 
Snaps, Columbines, Carnations & Geums

Hardy and reliable, handsome and romantic, adaptable and easy-to-grow, Snapdragons, Columbines, Carnations and Geums are some of our “tried-and-trues” and “new classic” favorite early spring bloomers that always get priority status in our gardens and we think should in yours too. Cheerful early bloomers, they herald spring and provide instant fullness to your garden as they smother themselves in blossoms that you can enjoy in place or bring inside for all make excellent cut flowers. The bees and the butterflies also love them as much as we do. All are happiest in rich, well-drained soil with a little added compost for maximum bloominess.

Aquilegia caerulea
"Rocky Mountain Columbine"

This magnificent Columbine is highly bloomiferous with extra-large, 2.5” romantic and sweetly scented blooms - the largest in the genus! Long lived, EASY and grows to a proper 3’ x 2’. The petals are sky blue with a well-developed, white corolla. Worthy of the best position in the garden, it gives you a much longer bloom season – from spring to summer and a second flowering late summer to fall if you cut it back to 1” tall after the first bloom. Loves rich, well-drained soil. Do give Columbines regular water and composty soil and you’ll never ever see a leaf-miner!

Perennial USDA Zones 3-10
Aquilegia chrysantha
'Yellow Queen'

The most bloomiferous and longest blooming of all Columbines and it’s FRAGRANT, too! Easily reaching 3’ tall and 2’ across, this vigorous, non-dwarfed, perennial Southwestern native bears an awesome number of large, long spurred, clearest yellow flowers from spring till mid-summer here along California’s coast. The long nectar-filled spurs make for a sweet snack for butterflies and hummingbirds. Do provide some compost to the soil for most outrageous performance and cut back after it’s finished for a second round of bloom in late summer. It’s mildew resistant and reseeds too!

Perennial USDA Zones 3-10

Antirrhinum majus
'Double Azalea Bronze'

Deliciously fragrant ruffly blooms on a properly tall (3’ high) plant! For years the ‘Double Azalea’ series of Snapdragons were some of our best loved annuals – big, beautiful double blooms that went on forever with a delicious fruity fragrance and bold colors – then our seed source dried up and we were heartbroken. However, we finally managed to get our mitts on one – in this georgeous color. So gird your loins and prepare yourself for beautiful, old-fashioned, vivid flowers on a multi-branching, thoroughly erect, properly huge (1’ wide by 3’ tall in bloom) plant. Buds are pink, opening to brilliant orange. Cut back to 6” to encourage an encore performance. Excellent cut flowers. Plant in rich soil for best show.

Annual All USDA Zones

Antirrhinum majus
'Chantilly Pink'

Flirtatious pink blooms on 2-3' flower spikes are perfect for adding a punch of color that lasts from spring well into fall. The Chantilly Snaps are notable for their tall, sturdy stems that ensure all your blooms reach confidently for the sky and stay that way. Bred to have lightly citrus-scented extra long-lasting flowers - both on the plant and in a vase. Best of all, the more blooms you cut, the more it will produce! A superb addition to almost any garden, Snapdragons work well with cottagey classics such as Nigellas and Scabiosas. For gardeners in Mediterranean climates, don’t be surprised if your "annual" Antirrhinum becomes a short-lived perennial. Grows best in rich soil with regular water. Mildew and rust resistant!

Annual All USDA Zones

'Georgia Peach Pie'

Sweet and pretty as a Georgia peach, this Dianthus is one of our chosen faves of the many varieties we offer. Long blooming from spring to fall, numerous 2” light peachy-pink frilly-edged flowers delight with a watercolor center, surrounded by a vibrant raspberry ring. Spicy fragrant, you get 4-5 buds atop each sturdy, non-floppy stem. The compact blue-green foliage makes a handsome weed-suppressing mat, too! Dianthus are happiest growing at the edge of a bed or in a container (2+ gal) in well-drained soil, side-dressed annually with 1” of compost. Deadhead to keep ’em coming! Long lived! To 11”x11”. Cut back to 3” tall in fall.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10
(USPP# 29,900)

Dianthus plumarius
'Rose de Mai'

Very possibly the showiest of all the Dianthus we grow! ‘Rose de Mai’ quickly spreads to a dense, blue-grey, weed-suppressing mat 3’ around. In early spring, it bursts into an amazing display of hundreds of double, soft pink, deliciously clove-scented 2” blooms, continuing for a month or two. We cut ours back a bit after blooming and side dress with compost for another round of bloom. Cut back again in fall. Ideal for draping over the edge of a bed, well-drained soil is best. Cut flowers! Long lived!

Perennial USDA Zones 3-10a

Dianthus gratianopolitanus

We can’t stop using this exciting Dianthus! Not too short like many new varieties, ‘Electra’s’ scented 2” magenta-rose blooms deliver electric “pop” anywhere in the garden. Long-blooming spring thru fall with deadheading. Handsome weed-suppressing foliar mound. Cut back to 3” anytime, side-dress with compost and watch it spring back into action. Cut back to 3” again in late fall. Best on the edge of a bed (drainage) or in a container (10”+ across). Long-lived. 12” x 14”.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10

Geum quellyon var. flora plena
'Blazing Sunset'

UNBELIEVABLY LONG BLOOMING! This is not the well-known ‘Mrs. Bradshaw.’ This is a single plant pictured on the right and as you can tell, it blooms like crazy late spring thru fall, even in winter in temperate climates (with deadheading). Brightest red, 2.5” blooms look like ruffly roses and dance in the breeze on well-branched 2-3’ tall stems, above sturdy, lush green, compact mounds. If you have never tried Geums before, they’re one of the toughest, heat tolerant and longest lived perennials you’ll ever grow! Compost yearly and cut back in winter. Semi-deciduous to deciduous in colder climates. To 3' high and wide.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10

Geum chiloense

Double down on this beautiful, long blooming, golden-yellow Geum! A long parade of double, pure golden, 1.5” flowers from spring thru fall will add cheer to any garden. These flowers stand tall atop an 18” mound of rough-textured, light green foliage, making them an excellent choice for a cut flower. Flowers are followed by distinctive and attractive seedheads. This hardy evergreen perennial adds delight to almost any gardening design, be that among other sun-loving perennials, used as a walkway border or making its own statement in a decorative container. It’s also a favorite destination for bees and butterflies so keep it close at hand. Plant in full sun to light shade in fertile, well-drained soil. Deadhead regularly and be stingy on the water once established to achieve maximum flowering. Divide clumps every 3-4 years.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-9

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