Clarkias & Veggies
Nourish the body and soul

Clarkias and veggies aren’t your typical Annie’s combo, but as the saying goes, get’em while they’re hot! Now’s the time to start planting them, both for best bloom and harvest, and for a nourishing feast for your eyes and your tummy.

New to Clarkias? You’re in for a treat. This California native has a long list of lovely qualities and problem-solving powers. Beautiful, tough and versatile, Clarkias do fine despite poor soil, less than perfect drainage, hot and dry conditions, or pesky nibbly deer. Exploding into a blaze of bloom that lasts at least a month and often longer, they expertly fill that awkward gap between spring and summer when so many spring bloomers have started to fade. And if you even THINK about growing cut flowers for the garden, then you simply MUST give Clarkias a try. Lasting two weeks or more in a vase, they'll amaze you with their seemingly never-ending cheer. Plus, they always self sow, rewarding you with drought tolerant babies that are free, free, free! How's that for a return on your investment?

So plant some Clarkias, please. You won't be disappointed!

Clarkia unguiculata
‘Mountain Garland White’

New for 2022! This double white form of Mountain Garland displays one of the showiest flowers in the Clarkia world. Resembling a smaller Mock orange (Philadelphus), the two-inch-wide flowers smother the plant in late spring. A loosely branched, 2-3' tall plant comprised of narrow, grayish-green leaves, this native annual is best planted in drifts for maximum effect. Blooms all summer-long and attracts lots of native bees, as well as the occasional curious hummingbird. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil. Looks great planted with blue-blooming natives such as Desert Bluebells, Blue Thimble flower and Baby Blue Eyes. Readily self-seeds!

CA Native Annual All USDA Zones
Clarkia williamsonii
“Fort William Fairyfan”

Back from an extended vacation! We haven’t offered this Clarkia in quite some time. Bold markings color the blooms of this showy native annual in late spring and early summer. The flowers seem to glow from within, and appear well into summer if supplemented with additional water. Drainage is key! Clarkia williamsonii does not tolerate clay very well, but would be a great plant to try to naturalize on a rocky incline or the edge of a rock wall. Containers work well, too, of course. Poor soil is fine, and this year’s plants will yield seedlings that will need no additional water to thrive next year! Local all the way from Kern County north to Nevada County. To 1' high and wide.

Annual All USDA Zones

Clarkia bottae
"Punch Bowl Godetia"

A lovely delicate Clarkia that mingles perfectly with grasses and other wildflowers. It grows to 1’ tall and wide with up to 1” wide cup-shaped flowers, pale lavender pink with a white center. It tolerates seaside conditions, clay or alkaline soil, and it self-sows modestly but reliably. Great for flower borders, meadows and containers. Drought tolerant and deer resistant.

Annual All USDA Zones

Clarkia rubicunda

Clarkia rubicunda is one of the last Clarkias to go into bloom and it keeps blooming all through summer without any additional water. The ‘Shamini’ selection (probably a hybrid) blooms longer and later than the species and often lasts into September. It also has a unique upright habit that can reach up to 5’, but normally stays about 3’ tall and wide. The 2.5-3” flowers are single to semi-double and intense carmine red with a lighter edge. In the garden it makes a stunning combination with Clarkia ‘Aurora’ and Nigella hispanica. In the vase it is a great long-stemmed and long-lasting flower. And, like all of our Clarkias, they’ll drop their seeds, sprout with the rains and flower again each year without you having to water! Clay tolerant, but plant in rich, well-draining soil for best show.

CA Native Annual All USDA Zones

Clarkia elegans
'Salmon Queen'

SUPER DUPER EASY to grow, this highly rewarding Clarkia presents a mass of blooms, from top to bottom, for a very long bloom season May to September in cool-summer coastal areas, and May to mid-summer in hotter areas. (with some summer water). Highly valued for delivering a mass of 2” blooms just as most other spring-flowering natives are fading and your summer bloomers have not quite begun. A great choice for new gardens as it quickly fills in bare patches, providing quick foliage and loads of color and it self-sows readily for fresh plants next year. Clay tolerant, but plant in rich, well-draining soil for best show. Amazingly long-lasting in a vase – up to 3 weeks! Deer resistant! Bees and butterflies!

CA Native Annual All USDA Zones
Clarkia speciosa ssp. Immaculata
"Pismo Clarkia"

With its mass of gorgeous blooms and bushy, trailing form, you’ll love this rare and endangered CA native wildflower. Long-blooming from late spring well into July or August, it forms a 14” by 24” mound of slender, green foliage on multi-branching stems. And, ahhh, the flowers, almost a solid mass of silky, 2.25”, cup shaped blossoms of bright rose with clear white centers. Great for front of bed, containers and a delightful and long lasting cut flower. Clay tolerant, but plant in rich, well-draining soil for best show. Drought and wind tolerant once established. Self-sows!
Due to Federal regulations, we cannot sell this plant outside of California.

Annual All USDA Zones

Clarkia unguiculata
'Salmon Princess'

Clarkia ‘Salmon Princess’ brings a cottage feel to the garden as it mingles so charmingly with neighboring plants. Long blooming, lasting well into summer/fall, 'Salmon Princess’ creates a graceful, upright branching form, to 3’ x 2’, covered in a mass of peachy fluttering, 1” blooms! You’ll have plenty of handsome, long lasting stems (up to 3 weeks!) to bring indoors. Not fussy about soil. Clay tolerant, but plant in rich, well-draining soil for best show.

CA Native Annual USDA Zones

Clarkia amoena

Gorgeous, 6” across clusters of peach-blushed, cup shaped blooms appear in mass on this (non-dwarfed) properly tall California native wildflower. To 3’ tall and 2’ across, it will bloom May till July or more and you’ll feel so accomplished when all you did was plant and forget! Absolutely stunning! Clay tolerant, but plant in rich, well-draining soil for best show. Amazing with Nemophila menziesii “Baby Blue Eyes”! Self-sows and fabulous, very long lasting cut flowers. Deer resistant and drought tolerant!

CA Native Annual All USDA Zones

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