Annie’s Garden Cat Shirts
Available for the 1st Time Ever!

Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'
Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'

Annie's Garden Cat t-shirts are here! For the first time ever, we’ve silkscreened this fun and colorful design – an homage to the many kitties who love to hang out in the nursery – onto shirts. Now you can show your Annie’s spirit while in the garden, cuddling your own kitties, or wherever you go. All shirts are 100% combed ring-spun cotton, so they’re super comfy from the first time you wear them. The original watercolor design was created by our former retail staffer and friend Kirsten P.

Just in time for the holidays, these shirts make great gifts. Treat yourself to one or pick them up for all your garden loving family and friends! Supplies limited order soon before we sell out.

Two styles to choose from:

Hummingbird Love!

Unisex Red Sleeve Baseball Tee

Red sleeved baseball style shirt comes in unisex sizes XS, S, Med, Lrg, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

$34.95 each

Hummingbird Love!

Women’s Cut Off White T Shirt

The woman’s cut short sleeved tee is designed to be slightly more form fitting than a unisex sized shirt. Sizes XS, S, Med, Lrg, XL and 2XL.

$29.95 each
Note: Annie’s t-shirts and sweatshirts are printed using a silkscreen process which can result in slight color variations among shirts. Your shirt may differ somewhat from the apparel pictured.

Shirts Available NOW Online and in the Nursery Learn more and order here

Wowza Perennials
Perfect For Planting Now

Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'
Osteospermum 'Zion Copper Amethyst'
Aloe tomentosa "Hairy Green Aloe"

HAIRY GREEN FLOWERS! No Joke! This unusual Aloe native to Yemen produces numerous 3’ tall multi-branching flower spikes topped with pyramidal clusters of WOOLY, sea-green blooms! Forms a 2’ tall and 3-4’ wide rosette of smooth, bright green leaves with toothed edges and a light powdering of blue-green – though some plants may have stripes or a mottling on the leaves. Makes a beautiful container specimen with the added bonus of bringing the fluffy flowers closer to eye-level. Blooms in Summer attracting bees and hummers. Provide excellent drainage for a happy plant.

Perennial USDA zones 9b-11

Clianthus puniceus 'Pink Flamingo'

Such a beautiful and shall we say “provocative” variant of Clianthus puniceus. This exotic, erotic member of the pea family grows quickly into a densely branched evergreen 4’ x 4’ shrub with lush, arching branches and handsome, glossy, almost leathery, pinnate leaves. For 2-3 months in Spring into Summer, you’ll so relish these amazing 3” long two-toned pink and magenta flowers – displayed 8-10 per cluster – that you’ll want all your friends to come see your ‘Pink Flamingos”. Now, you may think that exotic = difficult, but not in this case! It’s FAST, EASY and a prolific bloomer.

Perennial USDA zones 8-11

Geum coccineum ‘Totally Tangerine’ Vitex agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’
Catananche caerulea "Cupid’s Dart"

Winning! We planted this “bang-for-the-buck” combo below of Catananache caerulea, Clarkia rubicunda blasdalei, and Cotyledon orbiculata var. orbiculata in our “too-busy-to-take-care-of” parking lot last year. “Cupid’s Dart” provides masses of sturdy, upright stems topped by fun pearly-papery buds that open into these lovely semi-double, purple-eyed, lavender-blue, 2” blooms for months! To 2’ tall and 20” across, this tough and EASY, fairly drought tolerant short-lived perennial makes the loveliest cut flowers. The pearly-silver seed heads are really neat in dried arrangements, too! Best in well-drained soil. Can be divided and self-sows! COLD HARDY and deer resistant, plus butterflies! Ancient Greeks and Romans used the flowers as the main ingredient in love potions, hence the amorous common name “Cupid’s Dart”.

Perennial USDA zones 4-10

Agapanthus 'Twister'

This striking and unusual African lily has gorgeous, flared trumpet flowers that are white inside with deep purple backing at the base. Rising on sturdy 3-4' high stalks, 6-8” wide umbels of up to a dozen flowers put on an eye-catching show from mid-summer well into the fall. The mass of bicolored 2” flowers not only light up a partial shade bed but attract bees and hummingbirds. Plants first produce 2' high clumps of green, strap-shaped leaves. This 'Twister' looks great planted in swaths, makes an excellent vertical element in containers and is ideal for use as a cut flower. Though tough as nails, this variety will want regular water in summer to look its best. A versatile performer, it can handle sun or shade, poor soils or clay, and still make a healthy stand over time. Clean up in winter and bait for snails as needed.

Perennial USDA zones 7-11

Echeveria 'Lady Aquarius' Callistemon 'Cane’s Hybrid'
Impatiens ‘African Queen’

The truly fantastic flowers of Impatiens n. ‘African Queen’ are borne almost year around in USDA zones 10 and 11. So brightly colored with yellow, green and scarlet, the waxy, spurred blooms are said to look like parrots - but I am always reminded of candy corn. To 3’ tall with deep green, glossy, tropical looking leaves, the flowers are held close to the dark succulent stems. The stems get quite thick after awhile and the whole plant looks like a dark, tropical tree. This rare Impatiens likes full shade - no sun at all or the leaves burn. Rich, moist soil.

Perennial USDA Zones 10-11

Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard'

Super-duper tough and drought tolerant! Add contrast and year-round color with this gorgeous variegated yucca hardy to zone 4! Forms a 2-3’ high and 1-2’ wide rosette - the perfect size for any garden. Bright green leaves boast a vivid yellow central stripe that turns pink in cold weather! Each rosette produces a single flower spike in late Spring-Summer reaching up to 6’ high and dripping with pendulous iridescent-white blooms. Perfect for brightening up a shady patch in a low-water garden or as a plant-it-and-forget-it specimen for a dry or rocky hillside.

Perennial USDA Zones 4-10

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