Plant Cool and Look Cool

This week we’re dishing up some cool (weather) perennials and cool Annie’s apparel which has recently “come back from the Dead.” With the weather cooling, tis the season to plant perennials so they can leverage the lower temps and rains to establish strong root systems that will then help them survive heat with less water over summer. Tis also the season to grab one of our Dia de los Muertos hip skull and botanical print t-shirts and sweatshirts that were designed by the one and only Annie Hayes herself and have not been around for quite some time.

Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'

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In addition to looking beautiful, these perennials provide the extra bonus of also being drought tolerant and deer resistant.

Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'
Osteospermum 'Zion Copper Amethyst'
Cuphea micropetala "Candy Corn Plant"

This mad blooming, shrubby perennial may become the envy of your neighbors for its deep evergreen foliage and bloominess. it’s a fiesta of color with zillions of yummy 2.5” “candy-corn” looking flowers that adorn the many radiating red stems. One of the most visited-by-hummingbirds plants we’ve ever seen! Non-stop bloom in mild climates like ours (in colder climates it’s known to put on its best show from August to October). Nice glossy foliage, it’s drought, clay and salt tolerant. Totally easy! To 4’ x 5’, cut back to 1.5’ tall in Winter to maintain a smaller shape.

Perennial USDA zones 7b-10

Tagetes lemmonii "Mexican Marigold"

EASY EASY EASY! This almost ever-blooming shrub flowers all year long with its most exceptional display in Winter! 2” bright yellow marigold-esque flowers bloom in profusion on a 4’x6’ somewhat sprawling shrub with finely cut delicate leaves renowned for their fragrant musky mint scent. Tolerates clay and fairly non-fertile soils – try it in places where “nothing grows”! Exceptionally deer resistant and drought tolerant after being established for a year. Makes a great food sources for hungry butterflies and bees during those months of scarcity. Prune at any time for best shape or to control size.

Perennial USDA zones 8-11

Geum coccineum ‘Totally Tangerine’ Vitex agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’
Phygelius capensis ‘Magenta’

This vivid magenta form of “Cape Fuchsias” is the best we’ve seen and so easy and goof-proof too. A refreshingly bright and shiny attention grabber for dry gardens! To 2’-3’ x 2’-3’, those richly colored blooms are held nicely on dark ruby stems above evergreen foliage Summer to Winter. Popular with hummingbirds! Best show in well-drained soil with compost added and some Summer water. Drought tolerant along the coast. Cut back to 6” in Winter. South African Native. Deer resistant!

Perennial USDA zones 7-10

Lupinus propinquus “Blue Bush Lupine”

Very much like “Yellow Tree Lupine”, but with ever-so-desirable lavender and white blooms! Hard to find, this California native shrub thrives with little water once established and is deer resistant and salt and sand tolerant. Bursting into profuse bloom in May (with some Summer water until July), the 6-8” upright fragrant spikes beckon all the butterflies and bees. Best in not-so-fertile, well-drained soil and a great choice for hillsides and barrel-sized containers. Cut back to 3’ x 3’ in Fall to maintain bushiness.

Perennial USDA zones 7-10

Echeveria 'Lady Aquarius' Callistemon 'Cane’s Hybrid'
Lycianthes rantonnetii 'Lynn’s Variegated'

Need a hard-to-kill, drought tolerant, deer resistant shrub with rich blue-purple flowers from Spring to Fall? Dream shrub right here! “Variegated Potato Bush” abounds with handsome 1.5” sweetly scented yellow-eyed saucer blooms in wonderful contrast to the wavy, white edged foliage. EASY and FAST, to a multi-branching 8’ x 6’. Tip prune every so often to promote a dense, tidy shape or it can be easily pruned into a pretty, small patio tree. Side-dress with compost twice annually for lushest appearance.

Perennial USDA Zones 9-10

Iochroma 'Princess'

A wonderful small tree/large shrub for mostly sun to part shade gardens! An interspecies cross between I. cyanea and I. australis ‘Alba’, this tough, CLAY and DROUGHT, fast-grower provides non-stop year-round bloom! Naturally multi-trunked with a nice spreading branch pattern, it’s loaded with beautiful clusters of flaring plummy-pink 3.5” blooms (see video below!). A cinch to grow, it will reach 10’ tall its first year! A highlight in any garden (great for low-mainte­nance side yards), the hummingbirds go nuts!

Perennial USDA Zones 9b-11

Echeveria 'Lady Aquarius' Callistemon 'Cane’s Hybrid'
Vitex agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’

A fantastic and TOUGH award-winning improved cultivar of “Chaste Tree” much loved for its faster, more vigorous growth and larger, denser bloom spikes. Blooming heavily for several months or more – it’s a spectacular sight in Summer. Swoonworthy and fragrant purplicious 12” flower spikes are utterly magnetic for bees, butterflies and hummers! Grows naturally to 10-15’, but you can easily cut it back to 3’ tall in Winter to create a bushy 4-5’ shrub or prune off some lower branches for an elegant small tree. Happiest and most floriferous in full sun and compost-enhanced, well-drained soil. Long-lasting cut flowers! Deciduous. Heat and deer resistant.

Perennial USDA Zones 6-10a

Leonotis leonurus "Lion's Tail"

A superstar bloomer throughout Summer and Fall, S. African native Lion’s Tail is HEAT and DROUGHT tolerant, exceptionally EASY , deer resistant and a sensational hummingbird magnet. Fast-growing , durable and evergreen (in mild Winters) with an attractive bushy base-branching habit, it’ll reach 4-6’ tall and wide in its first year! Unique and plentiful fuzzy tubular whorls of stacked tubular arching Lion’s Tails are beautifully displayed on a mass of stiff upright stems. And the handsome deep green lance shaped leaves add a lovely lush effect. Can bloom year-round along the California coast, though most folks cut it back to 1’ in late Fall for best appearance next season.

Perennial USDA Zones 8b-11

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