Great Gardens Get the Blues
We’re happy to “GET THE BLUES” around here, cuz when it comes to color in the garden, BLUE is BRILLIANT. True blue bloomers come in all shapes and sizes and there’s nothing better to compliment your color wheel of yellows, oranges and pinks, than blue! Here are our favorite ”BFFs” – Blue Flower Friends - they’ll soon be yours too.

Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'
Osteospermum 'Zion Copper Amethyst'
Anchusa azurea “Alkanet”

You could drive a truck over this long-lived awesome perennial without doing more harm than breaking a few branches. Tough as nails and long-lived, it’s heat and drought tolerant, deer and snail resistant. Want more? Okay, lots of bright truest royal blue “Forget-Me-Not” flowers display for months on sturdy multi-branching stems. When it’s finished, cut it back to the foliage for a second performance as good as the first! Not fussy about soil but a yearly addition of compost gets a fantastic result. Popular with swallowtails! Grows to 4’ tall by 3’ wide.

Salvia cacaliifolia "Guatemalan Leaf Sage"

Densely tidy and boasting flowers of the most intense royal blue, this unusual Salvia has the noble distinction of not smelling! Forms a dense low-growing mound up to 4’ high and spreading as far as you let it over time via runners. Vivid flower spikes stand 1-2’ above the foliage and bloom from summer until first frost providing food for hungry hummers. Would make a lovely groundcover for a damp area in dappled shade. While it can take full Sun near the coast, it prefers some shade in warmer areas. Fills out a container beautifully. Well-draining soil is recommended. Prune in spring when new growth appears for a bushier form.
Geum coccineum ‘Totally Tangerine’ Vitex agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’
Ceanothus x impressus 'Dark Star'

This California native evergreen shrub is perhaps the most striking of all the genus boasting royal blue FRAGRANT flower clusters that smother the plant from late winter thru early spring. Grows to 8’ high & 6’ wide with teensy, dark green, glossy leaves, becoming tree-like with age. Looks particularly striking when planted adjacent to grey foliage or white flowers & is better suited to coastal gardens than inland areas. A wonderful habitat plant for butterflies, hummingbirds & quail. Drought tolerant, clay tolerant, deer resistant, & EASY.

Myosotis palustris “Water Forget-Me-Not”

Yes, this is a perennial Forget-Me-Not and much finer of form than the annual varieties. Lush, dense foliar mats will spread to 2’ across and spill over the edge of a bed. Bountiful, baby-blue, bee attracting blooms will reach to 1’ tall and appear for a month or more in late Spring – then cut it back, maybe serve up a bit of compost and presto! Another round of bloom! Splendid under and in the foreground of roses. It’s suitable for a well watered border, or in the water garden too! Sun to part shade along the coast and part to bright shade in hotter climates. Self-sows, too!
Echeveria 'Lady Aquarius' Callistemon 'Cane’s Hybrid'
Clerodendrum ugandense
"Blue Butterfly Bush"

Grow your own bush of non-stop butterflies! It’s simple with this quick-to-establish, low-maintenance shrub. Easily reaching 4-5’ tall and wide in its first year and displaying a nice multi-branching form with pretty, glossy, oblong leaves. Captivating lavender-blue flowers can only be described as “butterflies”, complete with antennae! It’s a show-stopping, make-your-neighbors-jealous garden focal point!
Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Blue Springs’

Truly luminous, almost turquoise blooms, 6-12” tall, will make this one of your favorite California natives. Not a shy bloomer, you’ll get lots of those beautiful blooms much loved by hummers and butterflies. Dense and compact, it grows to a maximum 14” x 14” with bluish-green evergreen foliage. Once established, it’ll live long and prosper in low fertil­ity soil with no summer water. A superb choice for dry gardens and containers. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant.
Echeveria 'Lady Aquarius' Callistemon 'Cane’s Hybrid'
Tweedia caerulea ‘Heaven Born’

A “Milkweed” cousin grown for its sky blue, 1”, star-shaped flowers borne in loose clusters all Summer long! Popular & long lasting as cut flowers, they’re also loved by bees. AND, it’s also a host plant for Monarch butterflies! This twining subshrub from Brazil & Uruguay typically reaches 2-3’ high & wide. Leaves are gray-green & downy with a pretty, elongated heart shape – they turn a showy red in autumn. Best planted in well-drained soil with protection from strong winds. Hardy & evergreen in milder parts of the Bay Area, but not always long lived. Can be grown in a container & over-wintered indoors where not hardy, or simply grown as an annual. Prune back in Fall to encourage a bushier habit.
Vitex agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’

A fantastic and TOUGH award-winning improved cultivar of “Chaste Tree” much loved for its faster, more vigorous growth and larger, denser bloom spikes. Blooming heavily for several months or more – it’s a spectacular sight in summer. Swoonworthy and fragrant purplicious 12” flower spikes are utterly magnetic for bees, butterflies and hummers! Grows naturally to 10-15’, but you can easily cut it back to 3’ tall in Winter to create a bushy 4-5’ shrub or prune off some lower branches for an elegant small tree. Happiest and most floriferous in full sun and compost-enhanced, well-drained soil. Long-lasting cut flowers! Deciduous. Heat and deer resistant.

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