Big Blooms - Little Water
The lush dry garden- a wonderful contradiction! Enhance the eco system, conserve water AND get lovely, long lasting blooms!
Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'
Osteospermum 'Zion Copper Amethyst'
Leonotis leonurus

A superstar bloomer throughout Summer and Fall, S. African native Lion’s Tail is HEAT and DROUGHT tolerant, exceptionally EASY , deer resistant and a sensational hummingbird magnet. Fast-growing , durable and evergreen (in mild Winters) with an attractive bushy base-branching habit, it’ll reach 4-6’ tall and wide in its first year! Unique and plentiful fuzzy tubular whorls of stacked tubular arching Lion’s Tails are beautifully displayed on a mass of stiff upright stems. Cut it back to 1’ in late Fall for best appearance next season. Bees, butterflies and fab cut flowers!
Catananche caerulea "Cupid’s Dart"

“Cupid’s Dart” provides masses of sturdy, upright stems topped by fun pearly-papery buds that open into these lovely semi-double, purple-eyed, lavender-blue, 2” blooms for months! To 2’ tall and 20” across, this tough and EASY, fairly drought tolerant short-lived perennial makes the loveliest cut flowers. The pearly-silver seed heads are really neat in dried arrangements, too! Best in well-drained soil. Can be divided and self-sows! COLD HARDY and deer resistant, plus butterflies! Ancient Greeks and Romans used the flowers as the main ingredient in love potions.
Geum coccineum ‘Totally Tangerine’ Vitex agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’
Arctotis 'Pink Sugar'

Just the prettiest thing for the dry/dry-ish well-drained garden! Indulging our need for showy flowers over a long season, this tough, tidy and well-behaved “African Daisy” pumps out loads-o-blooms from Spring to Fall at least! Cheery 3” rich pink “daisies” sport showy circus-like radiating rings of magenta and gold around a large, showy black eye. Ideal as a colorful filler in succulent gardens or mixed containers and EASY enough for parking strips. Just provide drainage, a side-dress of compost annually and cut back a bit to refresh in Fall. Bees and butterflies. Deer resistant!
Kniphofia citrina

Love the sturdy, architectural form and simplicity of “Red Hot Pokers” but not so crazy about the “red hot?” Harmonious in hot or cool garden schemes, K. citrina bestows showy, 7” “clubs” of lime green flowers, that fade to yellow and back to green as they age. Loved by hummers and long blooming from Spring thru Summer atop strong, upright stalks to 5’ tall. Ever-blue-green, strap-like leaves form a handsome clump to 3’ across. Very drought tolerant and deer resistant. Superb for low maintenance containers! An excellent plant to attract hummingbirds to your garden.
Echeveria 'Lady Aquarius' Mandevilla 'Giant Crimson'
Helichrysum argyrophyllum
"Golden Guinea Everlasting"

Add a fantastic, contrastic highlight to your dryer garden! It’s hard to get tougher than this plant when it comes to groundcovers that can take abuse. Awesome for spilling over rocks, walls or for edging and containers, the small glistening, almost metallic, silvery leaves and stems of this South African native construct a solid, trailing and ground-hugging mat. And even awesomer, from mid-Summer thru Fall it almost covers itself with showy little canary-yellow “strawflowers” that last for months and make fun dried flowers! Grow in poor, well-drained soil (no clay). HEAT, FROST and DROUGHT TOLERANT! Deer resistant.
Echinops ritro ruthenicus

Undemanding, unfazed by heat and happy as a clam in ordinary soil with some drainage, “Globe Thistle” is a simple to grow, magnetic choice for the dry garden. Impressive, 3” across, richly colored blue “tennis balls” stand out on strong multi-branching ghostly white stems above finely cut, shimmery silver foliage to 2’ across. Mid-Summer to Fall blooms are much loved by but­terflies and make different and fun cut flowers, too! Drought tolerant but prettier with occasional Summer water. Makes a great carefree container subject (5+ gal. size). Deciduous. Tolerates heat and poor soil provided it drains well. Deer resistant!

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