New Summer Showstoppers
Summer has officially begun and what better way to kick of the new summer season than to treat yourself to some fabulous new plants. All new in 2021, and perfect for planting now, these summer showstoppers will have you and your neighbors "oohing and aahing" over them all season long.
Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'
Osteospermum 'Zion Copper Amethyst'
Echinacea 'Cantaloupe'

Stunning pompom flowers in a mouth-watering cantaloupe color! A must-stop for all manner of bees and butterflies, this “Coneflower” puts out individual, sturdy stems filled with lightly hairy linear leaves, forming a sturdy clump 2-3’ high and 2’ wide. The 3” flowers feature center rows of peony-like florets, surrounded by lighter apricot-hued petals. Deadhead for flowers from early summer thru mid-fall. They make for excellent cut flowers! Provide fertile well-drained soil. Clean up in late winter or leave spent flowers for the birds to collect seed.
Veronica 'Perfectly Picasso'

Long lived, easy to grow, and beautiful! Producing elegant 2’ high spikes of cotton candy pink flowers from mid-summer thru mid-fall. Small white buds open into .5” star-shaped brilliant pink blooms starting from the base and going up for a gorgeous color gradient. It’s a favorite of bees and hummers, making this a great pollinator-friendly plant. Low maintenance, it only needs a bit of winter cleanup to keep it looking good. It’s great as a low border, or plant it en masse for an eye-catching forest of pink. It’s also happy in a container. A lovely, long lasting cut flower. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil.
Geum coccineum ‘Totally Tangerine’ Vitex agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’
Thalictrum aquilegifolium 'Black Stockings'

Ebony stems perfectly complement ferny foliage and airy, flat-topped clusters of delicate lavender flowers. Reaching an impressive 4-6’ high by 2’ wide with attractive columbine-esque foliage and huge 2’ wide sprays of bee and butterfly attracting flowers, this is a great choice for the back of a border or as a vertical highlight at the edge of a woodland bed. Blooming in late spring until late summer with a bit of deadheading, the long stems make an excellent cut flower. Prefers evenly moist, humus-rich soil and good drainage. It’s best not crowded, both to enjoy its towering beauty and to maintain its health. We recommend cutting it back to 1” in winter. Colder regions seem to promote more profuse blooming the following year. Deer resistant.
Tecoma 'Sparky'

A dwarf hybrid “Trumpet Bush” that produces far fewer seedpods than most Tecomas so less mess to clean up! It features 2-3” gold flowers having vibrant and prominent reddish-orange throats and bright green pinnate leaves. It fills out up to 5’ tall and 4’ wide. Blooming nonstop from early summer through late fall, this is one of the showiest shrubs you can grow, and no deadheading needed! The tubular flowers are popular with a great many pollinators. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Plants do best when planted in the ground. Drought tolerant and virtually care-free once established. Tolerates the heat, but hates the cold, so cover young plants on nights that may freeze. Long lived, this Tecoma will put on a summer show for years to come.
Echeveria 'Lady Aquarius' Mandevilla 'Giant Crimson'
Dianthus 'Bumbleberry Pie'

Brilliant 2” neon flamingo-pink flowers with a crimson eye are held on short strong stems, making this one of the best “pinks” for a long lasting cut flower. The attractive evergreen blue-green foliage forms a dense mound to 12” high, with an endless array of fragrant, butterfly-attracting, flowers from spring thru fall. This carnation is especially cold hardy, drought tolerant, and not fussy about soil as long as there is good drainage. Perfect for a container or along the edge of a bed. Needs very little summer water once established. Trim in winter to neaten. Deer resistant.
Mandevilla 'Giant Crimson'

Large, royal red flowers all summer and fall make this one of the showiest smaller vines on the market. The 5” saturated crimson flowers make a dramatic statement. The overall look is tropical and yet this vine can prosper in the milder zones of the Bay Area. A vigorous grower that quickly reaches 8-10' tall and up to 2-4' wide, it has been bred to take the heat and is remarkably disease resistant. Given its modest size, this is one vine that's suitable for a large decorative pot, allowing you to give it the sun and eye candy location it deserves. It can be trained to grow over a small trellis. A hummingbird favorite!

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