Hello Dahlia!

Unbeatable Summer show-stoppers, our unusual Dahlias produce big, bold, bountiful blooms from early Summer right through to first frost! Coming in a sumptuous array of jewel tones and bi-colors – some with glossy green foliage, others with deliciously dark chocolatey-colored leaves – they're the ultimate gateway-flower. No one can stop at just one!

Our super tough and hardy species Dahlias tend to be sturdier, bushier, more bloomiferous, and more robust. They never need staking and are powdery mildew resistant. Plus, like all Dahlias, they're deer resistant, virtually pest free, make gorgeous cut flowers and, possibly best of all, are easy to divide and share with all your garden friends!

Gardeners in temperate areas like ours, needn't do much more than give their Dahlias a healthy 1" top-dressing of compost in early Spring, deadhead spent blooms in Summer, cut remaining foliage to the ground in Fall and enjoy! For folks in cold Winter areas (USDA zones 8b and below), you can lift your tubers and store in a dry location that doesn't dip below 40-50º F until you're ready to plant them out again next Spring.

** Quantities are limited and we expect these lovelies to sell quickly. Be an early bird so you don't miss out! **

Dahlia ‘Dark Side of the Sun’ Dahlia coccinea 'True Wild Form'

Dahlia ‘Dark Side of the Sun’
Not a dwarf “gas station” Dahlia so common these days, but a gardenworthy specimen to a proper 4' x 4'! Blooms Summer thru Fall with boatloads of luminous apricot-brushed golden blooms atop luscious chocolate-black foliage.

Dahlia coccinea 'True Wild Form'
THE most profuse blooming Dahlia we've ever seen! Brilliant red flowers cover this densely bushy, super sturdy, 5' x 5' plant from late Spring to first frost! By far our best seller. Only one crop per year – grab one while you can! Hardy to USDA zone 7.
Dahlia hybridum ‘Sparkler’ Dahlia 'Dreamer'

Dahlia hybridum ‘Sparkler’
Masses of 3” brightest hot-pink flowers with a sunny yellow center glow against deep mahogany foliage, making it a contrastic choice for a sunny mixed perennial bed. Compact habit, 30” tall by 20” wide. Can really take the heat!

Dahlia 'Dreamer'
Almost too pretty to be real! Jewel-like 3” pinwheel pink blooms pop out from rich mahogany-black foliage. A useful 3’ high and 2’ wide in size, you can certainly find a spot for this treasure especially since it blooms from May – October! No staking.

Dahlia merckii
Dahlia coccinea 'Mixed Colors' Dahlia coccinea 'Mixed Colors'
Dahlia coccinea 'Mixed Colors' Dahlia coccinea 'Mixed Colors'

Dahlia merckii
An exquisite species Dahlia perfect for our Bay Area climate! Quickly reaching a dense 3’ tall by 2’ wide, this Mexican native is crowned with single mauve flowers held high above the foliage. Popular with bees and butterflies! Grown from seed, color may be variable. Hardy USDA zone 7b.

Dahlia coccinea 'Mixed Colors'
Our most diverse Dahlia mix producing 4-5" single flowers in endless combinations of red, orange, yellow, white, magenta, and pink – all are gorgeous! Dense, multi-branching plants sport either green or bronzy foliage reaching about 4' tall by 3' wide. Hardy USDA zone 7.

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