A Touch of Tropicalismo!

Here at Annie's, we're known for our devotion to the classics – old fashioned annuals and perennials, cottage garden essentials and many heirloom varieties available nowhere else. But did you know we're also dedicated to finding the most interesting and gardenworthy rare and unusual plants the world has to offer? It's true! For years, we've scoured global seed exchanges and botanical gardens and forged friendships and exchanged cuttings and seeds with gardeners all over the world to quench our desire for beautiful, new, exciting treasures to add to our gardens and share with passionate gardeners like you!

So this week, we're shining the spotlight on some of our most fun and fantastical tropical and tropical-adjacent plants guaranteed to bring sizzle, contrast, texture and just plain fabulosity to your garden. These are the traffic-stopping beauties that your friends will ask what they heck they are – and where they can get one! Try something new and be dazzled!

Passiflora actinia "Passionflower"
Epiphyllum 'Space Rocket'
Passiflora actinia "Sea Anemone Passion Flower"
Psychedelic 2-3" flowers bear a crown of purple and white striped filaments on this fast-growing vine from mid-to-late Spring. THE host for Gulf Fritillary butterflies. One of the best choices for shadier gardens. To 30' but can be pruned to any size.
Epiphyllum 'Space Rocket'
The embodiment of floriferousness, this crazy-cool cactus from Central and South America produces ENORMOUS blooms the size of your head. Best in hanging baskets or pots with good drainage. Protect from frost or grow as a low-care houseplant!
Lobelia aguana
Impatiens tinctoria

Lobelia aguana
Extremely rare and wonderful! Exuberant in habit and reaching a branching 5' x 5' in 2 years, 100's of bearded 2" flowers jut out of prominent stems almost year-round with heaviest bloom in Summer and Fall. Hummers! Hardy USDA zone 9.

Impatiens tinctoria
So RARE, hardy, perennial and deliciously fragrant! Many a folk would do almost anything to get their paws on this legendary Impatiens. To 5’ tall and easily 3’ across, large 3” orchid shaped blooms are fragrant – like Plumeria! Hardy USDA zone 7b!
Abutilon 'David's Red' Streptosolen jamesonii "Marmalade Bush"
Blooming almost year-round here, this stunning tropical shrub boasts tri-colored orange, yellow and red blooms all at the same time. Multi-branching, fast and easy to 6' x 6', fantastic tumbling over a wall or weaving through neighbors. Hummer magnet! Buddleja davidii 'Ellen's Blue'

Abutilon 'David's Red'
very flashy "Flowering Maple" shared with us by pal and designer extraordinaire David Feix. Radiant red 3” blooms face outwards from branches – the better to entice the neighborhood hummers. Blooms year-round! To 8’x6’, prunable.

Streptosolen jamesonii "Marmalade Bush"
Blooming almost year-round here, this stunning tropical shrub boasts orange, yellow and red blooms all at the same time. Multi-branching, fast and easy to 6' x 6', fantastic tumbling over a wall. Hummers!

Buddleja davidii 'Ellen's Blue'
Vibrant violet-blue flower spikes are studded with brilliant red-orange eyes. So easy to grow and the multitude of blooms over a long season provide a nectar feast for butterflies! Deer and gopher resistant, hardy to USDA zone 5!

Kniphofia citrina Lycianthes rantonnetii 
'Lynn’s Variegated' Cantua 'Hot Pants'

Kniphofia citrina
Harmonious in hot or cool garden schemes, this "Red Hot Poker" bestows showy 7” clubs of lime green flowers Spring thru Summer atop upright stalks to 5’ tall. Low maintenance, deer and drought resistant, attracts hummingbirds! Hardy to USDA zone 6.

Lycianthes rantonnetii
'Lynn’s Variegated'

A super rare “Potato Bush” with periwinkle flowers that pop against exotic variegated foliage for a show-stopping effect! Long blooming, Spring thru Fall. EASY to grow, reaching 6-8’ tall and 2’ feet wide. Drought tolerant.

Cantua 'Hot Pants'
No, your eyes do not deceive you – this is a beautifully bi-colored form of one of our hottest rarities – Cantua buxifolia! Can reach 7' tall with a lax habit with luminous orangey-magenta tubes that positively glow when backlit. Great for shade!

Ruellia elegans “Elegant Ruellia” Dombeya burgessiae
'Pink Form' Libertia chilensis 
"Satin Flower"

Ruellia elegans
“Elegant Ruellia”

Super reliable and tough, this glowing Brazilian-Chilean perennial gets better and bloomier every year! A showstopper in the part-shade garden, we have to beg people to give it a try. Why?! It's fabulous! To 3’ x 3’. Hummers!

Dombeya burgessiae
'Pink Form'

An unusual fast-growing small tree/shrub reaching 10’ x 10’ and easily pruned smaller, pink cup-shaped blooms appear in clusters April till August. Soft, fuzzy leaves add a tropical vibe. Adaptable to sun/shade. Deer resistant! 

Libertia chilensis
"Satin Flower"

Orchid-like flowers held aloft on stiff stems look like butterflies on this tough, long-lived, fast and EASY member of the Iris family. Makes a dense evergreen 30” x 30” clump, offering textural and foliar interest. Deer resistant!

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