Tick-Tock to Spring Pop!
Time's running out to plant cool season annuals!

Have you planted your "Giant Poppies", "Sweet Peas" and cool season California native wildflowers yet? If not, here's your GSA (gardening service announcement) to get them in the ground in the next couple weeks for a glorious Spring bonanza! After the weather starts to warm in mid-April, they'll no longer be available for sale till Fall. So when our sample pots start to go off in April and May and everyone is drooling, you'll be in on the action!

Most of these beauties will keep blooming well into Summer (and beyond) if you keep them deadheaded. Even better, our open-pollinated plants are never treated with growth regulators or neonicotinoids and self-sow for successive generations of FREE PLANTS! So giddy up! Your glorious Spring garden is right around the corner!

Gilia capitata 
“Blue Thimble Flower”
Layia platyglossa “Tidy Tips"“Greek Poppy”
'Lauren's Grape'

Gilia capitata
“Blue Thimble Flower”

Easy to grow and long blooming, not enough people know about this robust native to much of CA! Lollipop blooms appear over months! Self-sows! Butterflies!

Layia platyglossa
“Tidy Tips"

Like a blast of sunshine, the profuse bloominess of fragrant CA native "Tidy Tips" brightens the Spring garden for instant happiness! Bees love it!

Papaver 'Lauren's Grape'
One of the biggest and boldest "Giant Poppies", we love Lauren's luscious violet 5" blooms! To 3-4' tall with yummy blue-grey foliage. Guaranteed to light up your garden and self-sows!

Papaver commutatum 
'Ladybird' Platystemon californicus 
“Cream Cups” Heliophila longifolia

Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird'
Positively unbeatable for putting the POP in your Spring plantings with masses of blooms over a long period. We adore its tidy, well-behaved habit, growing to only about 15” tall x 18” across.

Platystemon californicus
“Cream Cups”

Irresistibly charming! Each flower on this bountiful CA native wildflower is only 1”, but it’s a mighty bloomer with hundreds of CUTE, FRAGRANT blooms at once. Self-sows.

Heliophila longifolia
The quickest route possible to a high impact explosion of sky-blue bloom! Easy and speedy, it'll start blooming within a month! After it's done, cut back for round 2! To 20", plant two or three for maximum effect. Self-sows!

Phacelia campanularia 
“Desert Canterbury Bells” Papaver 
‘Drama Queen’ Lathyrus odoratus 

Phacelia campanularia
“Desert Canterbury Bells”

Rarely do we gardeners feast our eyes on such vivid, gentian blue eye-candy! Beloved CA “Desert Bells” makes a caboodle of 1.25” upward facing bells atop branchy red stems. Self-sows!

Papaver ‘Drama Queen’
For the drama queen in all of us! Beyond our wildest dreams, the carnival colors and shaggy petals on these 4-5” blooms are outrageous – you'll be thrilled when they unfurl! To 3-4’ tall. Self-sows!

Lathyrus odoratus

Deliciously fragrant, we love these lavender-white Sweet Peas edged and marbled in darkest plum-purple. Long, strong stems just right for cutting. Self-sows for new plants next Spring. To 8’.

Vegetable Seed 

Vegetable Seed
20% off!

We’ve teamed up with our favorite local seed company, Oakland’s own Kitazawa Seed Co. (est. 1917), to offer you three different collections of our most in-demand vegetable varieties to sow for delicious Spring and Summer crops.

All of these varieties can be sown NOW, as well as over a longer season for multiple crops. Most veggies grow fast, so they'll need extra nutrients to get started. We recommend a good quality organic compost and  MaxSea All Purpose Plant Food.

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