NEW FOR YOU, 2021 Edition!

Our 2021 plant trials are complete! We've measured the new recruits and the few that did survive the gauntlet of our expectations are starting to roll out! Here are just a handful of the beauties that blew us away in 2020 – with more to come! Grab them while you can, some are limited or only available once a year!

Clematis 'H.F. Young' Calceolaria 'Calynopsis Red'
Clematis 'H.F. Young'
One of the most stunning large-flowered Clematis you can grow, it also performs well here in our temperate climate. Enormous 7” lavender blooms are prolific on an easy and well-behaved 8' tall vine. Popular with hummers! Repeat bloomer!
Calceolaria 'Calynopsis Red'
Richest, velvety-red blooms are so prolific on this precious “Pocketbook” plant, they smother the foliage from late Spring thru early Fall. To just 1' high and wide, it's gorgeous in a colorful container and can even be grown as a houseplant!
Calendula officinalis 'Zeolights' Lycianthes rantonnetii 'Lynn’s Variegated'

Calendula officinalis 'Zeolights'
Scrumptious peach-hued petals are tipped with warm ginger with undertones of buttery yellow on this exquisitely double “Pot Marigold”. EASY and mildew resistant! Excellent in bouquets and edible petals are delicious in salads. Deer resistant!

Lycianthes rantonnetii 'Lynn’s Variegated'
A rare “Potato Bush” with periwinkle flowers that pop against exotic variegated foliage for a show-stopping effect! Exceptionally long blooming, Spring thru Fall. SUPER-EASY to grow, reaching 6-8’ tall and 2’ feet wide. Drought tolerant.
Oxalis 'Plum Crazy' Cantua buxifolia 'Tricolor'
Oxalis 'Plum Crazy'
A striking shamrock-leaf wood sorrel with vivid maroon leaves liberally marked with bright pink splashes. To just 6” tall x 12” wide, it's fab as a groundcover or in a hanging basket. EASY and not invasive. Deer resistant. Hardy USDA zone 8.
Cantua buxifolia 'Tricolor'
A RARE and highly desirable form of the Andean evergreen shrub C. buxifolia! The national flower of Bolivia, “Sacred Flower of the Andes” grows quickly to a multi-branching 6’ x 6’ shrub with beautiful 3” long trumpets in Spring. Hummers!
Buddleja 'Miss Violet' Delosperma 'Hot Pink Wonder'
Buddleja 'Miss Violet'
This compact “Butterfly Bush” offers fragrant magenta-purple flowers early Summer until frost. Foot-long dense clubs of tiny flowers are irresistible to butterflies. Tough, long-lived, deer resistant/drought tolerant! Hardy USDA zone 5!
Delosperma 'Hot Pink Wonder'
Wildly brilliant quadruple-toned, yellow, red and magenta flowers dazzle on this new HARDY and DROUGHT tolerant groundcover. Easy and evergreen, dense foliage quickly reaches 2’ x 4” tall. Deer/rabbit resistant, hardy USDA zone 5.

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