In Pursuit of Delicious Fruit!
Your Fruit Tree Questions Answered - Virtually!

Tap-tap ... is this thing on? Comin' atcha with our first Zoom. Talk. Ever! We're excited to welcome back our dedicated and beloved FRUIT TREE GENIUS Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery on January 30 at 11 am via a virtual Zoom session.

January is the perfect time to plant bare-root fruit trees and potted berries and Phil is going to give us the skinny on what we need to do to select, plant, prune and protect new and established trees. And, for the first time ever, anyone and everyone can follow along!

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Demand for fruit trees has been fierce, so selection is first come, first served in the nursery ONLY and we can't hold, pre-order or sell these babies to you over the phone. We DO, however, have another delivery of bare-root trees coming soon and hope to have them in stock by Phil's talk. Check out what we DO have right now (and see what's coming) HERE.

For a complete list of varieties available
in the nursery only: CLICK HERE!

Annnd ... plant some hardy annuals NOW for Spring WOW!

We've already talked about planting "Giant Poppies" and "Sweet Peas" in the last couple of weeks, and we're here to remind you that NOW is the best to get the rest of their HARDY ANNUAL brethren in the ground for a glorious Spring bloom-a-thon! These frost-tolerant toughies pooh-pooh our cool, wet Winter weather (USDA zones 8 and up) and they're some of the showiest plants in all of the gardening world – blooming their hearts out all Spring long if you plant them early and deadhead faded flowers to keep the bloom alive.

And the best part? Our open-pollinated plants are never treated with growth regulators or neo-nicotinoids and self-sow for successive generations of FREE PLANTS! Plant no later than mid-February and you'll be rewarded with a glorious garden and armloads of cut flowers, just when all your neighbors are heading to the garden centers!

Papaver hybridum
'Afghan Pink and White'
Layia platyglossa “Tidy Tips"“Greek Poppy”
Centaurea cyanus ‘Blue Diadem’
Papaver hybridum
'Afghan Pink and White'

Gorgeous bicolor blooms with fabulously flirty fringed tips are romantic and dramatic. Whopping 4” blooms yield enormous seed pods! Self-sows!
Layia platyglossa
“Tidy Tips"

Like a blast of sunshine, the profuse bloominess of fragrant CA native "Tidy Tips" brightens the Spring garden for instant happiness! Bees love it!
Centaurea cyanus
‘Blue Diadem’

This ain't the squatty little "Bachelor's Buttons" you see at the box stores! With rich blue blooms to a proper 3' tall, it mixes beautifully with everything!
Agrostemma githago ‘Milas’ Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco' Malcolmia maritima 
"Virginia Stock"
Agrostemma githago ‘Milas’
Our most favorite cottage garden charmer, producing a hundred or more 2" satiny rose blooms on slender, upright stems. We love it so much, you'll see it in bloom year-round here at the nursery. Self-sows for free plants!
Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco'
One of the very first flowers we started growing here at Annie's, 'Flamenco' continues to thrill gardeners to this very day. Flamboyant, superbloomy and scented, it NEVER goes out of style! Self-sows!
Malcolmia maritima
Easy-as-pie and sweetly scented, the color coordinated lavender, rose or white phlox-like flowers create a delightful 10” x 16” mound in your Spring gardens. Indispensable as a fast-growing filler and spiller!
Omphalodes linifolia 
“Venus’ Navelwort” Papaver commutatum 
'Ladybird' Nigella damascena 
'Miss Jekyll Dark Blue'
Omphalodes linifolia
“Venus’ Navelwort”

Create a massively floriferous fairytale froth of brilliant white bouncy blooms! This fantastical spring bloomer is the perfect filler plant for any color scheme. Reseeds for freebies!
Papaver commutatum

Positively unbeatable for putting the POP in your Spring plantings with masses of blooms over a long time! We adore its tidy, well-behaved habit, growing to only about 15” tall x 18” across.
Nigella damascena
'Miss Jekyll Dark Blue'

Luminous deep blue flowers nestled amid a ferny bird's nest of  frizzy foliage, this quintessential cut flower is a fascinating and effusive Spring bloomer. Self-sows reliably for free plants!
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