Hummingbird Snack Attack!
Magical warrior birds need sustenance - you can help!

Epic wars are waged in gardens everywhere, every day, they're just happening on such a small scale that we may not always see them.

Hummingbirds are some of the fiercest garden warriors – and they need to be! With hearts that beat well over 1000 times per minute and speeds clocked at up to 60 miles per hour, they need fuel – and a lot of it! Their metabolism is so speedy that in order to sleep at night, they fall into a semi-coma so they won’t starve.

This is why, dear friends, it is of epic importance that we provide hummingbirds with as much sustenance as we can to help them on their manic way – especially in Winter.

Hummingbird Love!

Hummingbird Love!

Feeders are effective, but there's a whole host of hummingbird favorites you can plant in almost any garden – shady, sunny, low water or high. Many even bloom in Winter in temperate zones like ours, meaning you can provide an important nectar source when they most need it.

If there’s enough food around, you might be lucky enough to have a hummingbird mama make a wee cup-shaped nest in your yard. The ensuing entertainment and joy of watching babies emerge from impossibly tiny jellybean-sized eggs, rapidly grow and eventually fledge is a reward unto itself!

So, plant your hummer smorgasbord today and you may host your own brood next Spring!

Seeing as we love hummingbirds just as much as the plants they favor, check out all our hummingbird beauties HERE!

Salvia mexicana 'Limelight'  Alstroemeria 'Margaret'

Salvia mexicana 'Limelight' 
Electrifying! We have a hard time keeping up with demand for this stunning Salvia. Vibrant lime green calyxes boasting showy purple blooms make this traffic-stopper a must in any garden! Deer resistant, fine in part shade and hardy to USDA zone 8!

Alstroemeria 'Margaret' NEW!
Raspberry blooms with speckled golden throats appear almost year-round atop handsome 4' stalks. So EASY and one of the best cut flowers you can grow! Looks best with regular moisture, tolerates clay soil. Hardy USDA zone 7.

Salvia elegans ‘Honey Melon’ Dudleya pulverulenta “Chalk Liveforever”

Salvia elegans ‘Honey Melon’
A “Pineapple Sage” for smaller gardens! To only 2-3’ tall x 4-5’ wide, it’s perfect in containers. Blooms earlier than the straight species, from May to November at least! One of best plants to attract hummingbirds. Fragrant flowers and leaves can be used in tea infusions. Hardy USDA zone 8b.

Dudleya pulverulenta “Chalk Liveforever”
Long-lived and happy with neglect, our beloved CA native “Liveforever” makes a startling succulent statement with ghostly white leaves in an elegant 2' rosette. Red bell-shaped flowers on long, powdery stalks in Summer will have the neighborhood hummers in a tizzy. Hardy USDA zone 8.

Cuphea hybrid ‘Starfire Pink’
Abutilon striatum 
“Redvein Indian Mallow”
Buddleja davidii 'Ellen's Blue'

Cuphea hybrid
‘Starfire Pink’

Whimsical AND rugged! Cute little bunny-faced flowers belie a tough, heat, drought and shade tolerant demeanor on this EASY shrubby Cuphea. Attracts hummers and great in pots! To 3' x 3'. Hardy to USDA zone 8.

Abutilon striatum
“Redvein Indian Mallow”

Extraordinary 2” bell-shaped flowers veined in red dangle like ornaments from strongly upright branches year-round in USDA zones 9-11. Irresistible to hummers and EASY and FAST growing. Hardy USDA zone 8b.

Buddleja davidii 'Ellen's Blue'
A pollinator magnet nonpareil, this robust, massively blooming “Butterfly Bush” features deepest purple-blue flower spikes with orange eyes June-Oct. To 4-5’ tall and wide, here in our mild climate it can easily reach 8’. Hardy USDA zone 5.

Iochroma 'Princess' Mimulus bifidus 'White' Ruellia elegans 
“Elegant Ruellia”
Iochroma 'Princess'
EASY and almost everblooming in zones 9 and above, this fast-growing shrub ascends to 8' tall x 5' wide and makes an excellent choice for partly shady side yards. Up to 20 pink trumpets per cluster make the hummers go wild! Hardy USDA zone 8.
Mimulus bifidus 'White'
ALWAYS in bloom here in coastal CA with extra-large 2" ruffly Azalea-like flowers, this native perennial Monkeyflower is a feast for butterflies, bees and hummers. Great under oaks and best in well-drained low-fertility soil. Hardy USDA zone 9.
Ruellia elegans
“Elegant Ruellia”

Super reliable and tough, "Elegant Ruellia" gets better and bloomier every year! A long and prolific bloomer, luminous red trumpet flowers appear from May to frost. To 3’ x 3’. Hummers! Hardy USDA zone 9.

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