Fall is for Bulb Lovers!
Smart gardeners plant bare-root bulbs in Fall!
Ranunculus 'Champagne'
Bagged Bulbs

Our hand-picked selection of Spring blooming bulbs are here! And planting these bodacious bulbs in the Fall is a super-duper value, seasonally appropriate and EASY as pie!

Normally, we would pot these babies up (one bulb per pot), let them hang out in the nursery to grow big, fat roots and then offer them to you as 4" plants come Spring. Now, you can skip the wait and plant right away, letting them root directly into your garden and containers – no muss, no fuss!

Plus, you'll cover more ground with 5 to 10 bare-root bulbs per bag (depending on variety) AND most of them will multiply to provide you with more and more beautiful blooms each year!

** Quantities are limited and we expect these lovelies to sell quickly. Be an early bird so you don't miss out! **

Ranunculus ‘White Picotee’ Brodiaea 'Rudy'
Ranunculus ‘White Picotee’ - 5 bulbs/bag
Hands-down one of the most romantic Spring bloomers with 2” creamy white flowers edged in a range of hues from deepest burgundy to pastel pink. No two plants in this elegant mix are exactly the same! Gorgeous in a vase, cut flowers can last up to 10 days! Deer resistant! Hardy USDA zone 8.
Brodiaea 'Rudy' 10 bulbs/bag
One of the prettiest, easiest bulbs you can grow! THRIVING IN HEAVY SOIL, sun or shade, needing no Summer water and happy under oaks, you can “plant and forget” this CA native bulb! Gorgeous milky-blue flowers feature vivid indigo mid-veins. Naturalizes readily. USDA zone 5.
Leucocoryne purpurea 'Andes' Ranunculus 'Champagne'
Tulipa humilis alba caerulea oculata
"Blue-Eyed Tulip
- 5 bulbs per bag
One of the prettiest of species tulips, this low growing beauty from Turkey and Iran grows to just 6" tall with 3" open-faced, star-shaped flowers. Blooms early Spring, naturalizing where happy. Bee friendly, deer resistant! Hardy USDA zone 4.
Ranunculus 'Champagne' - 5 bulbs/bag
With layer upon layer of crepe-paper like petals, this mix of peach, apricot, raspberry and gold blooms are reminiscent of pint-sized peonies, producing abundant large 3-5” flowers on 10" stems that keep coming all Spring. Excellent cut flower! Deer resistant! Hardy USDA zone 8.
Camassia leichtlinii ‘Caerulea’ Brodiaea californica 
Narcissus 'Geranium'
5 bulbs/bag
Oh-so-sweetly fragrant, this 1930s heirloom “Daffodil” features white petals and a small ruffled tangerine cup. Each 16” stem has up to six 2.5” flowers, so even a few make a gorgeous display. Naturalizes reliably. Deer and gopher resistant. Hardy USDA zone 5b.
Scilla peruviana
“Giant Scilla”
-1 bulb/bag
Big, bold and beautiful! Giant dome-shaped blooms 6-8” wide are densely packed with over 100 bluish-purple blooms mid-Spring. Blooms open from the bottom up, extending bloom time. Strappy-leaved rosettes to 18” wide. Deer resistant, drought tolerant. Hardy USDA zone 7b.
Brodiaea californica
- 10 bulbs/bag
A stunning selection of one of our fave CA native bulbs, ‘Babylon’ boasts bigger PINK flowers held in denser clusters! Thrives in heavy soil, sun or shade, needing no Summer water and happy under oaks. Just "plant and forget”. Naturalizes readily. Hardy USDA zone 5.
Anemone 'Giant Lord Lieutenant' Tulipa saxatilis
Anemone 'Giant Lord Lieutenant'
10 bulbs/bag

Vibrant purple 3" double-blooms with deep purple-black eyes appear atop sturdy 12" stems all Spring and into Summer. Butterflies love the nectar-rich flowers on this easy to grow bulb. Excellent cut flowers, adding dazzling color to arrangements. Deer and rabbit resistant. Hardy USDA zone 7.
Tulipa saxatilis - 10 bulbs/bag
A gorgeous and RELIABLY PERENNIAL SPECIES TULIP even in warm Winter areas! This beautiful wildflower from Crete is long-lived and self-propagating, forming a small colony over time. Large 3-4" flowers on 12" tall plants are perfect for edging a garden path or grouping in the front of a bed. Attractive to bees. Hardy USDA zone 5!
Dichelostemma congestum 
(Syn. Brodiaea congesta)
Sparaxis Mix “Harlequin Flowers”
10 bulbs/bag

One of the earliest bulbs to bloom in March, this easy and colorful South African bulb spreads cheer as it naturalizes easily in temperate gardens. Features a jewel-box mix of red, pink, coral, peach and cream blooms with in intricately patterned black and yellow eye. Attracts bees and butterflies. Deer resistant. Hardy USDA zone 9.
Crocus sativus "Saffron Crocus"
5 bulbs/bag

Ever wonder where saffron comes from? The delicate red filaments on this beautiful species Crocus is the source! This Fall blooming beauty can be planted now for your cooking pleasure next Fall. Though it's been in cultivation for over 3500 years, populations no longer exist in the wild. Deer resistant. Hardy USDA zone 5.

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