High Drama on a Low (Water) Budget!

Our favorite succulent starlets – and soon to be yours!

Undemanding and easygoing, succulents are those stand-by-me plants that don't judge us for our gardening faux pas, inexperience or neglect. They won't wilt if you forget to water, or faint if you don't fertilize. In fact, generosity is another of their virtues – and most will help you populate those bare spots in the garden by readily dropping little pups or plantlets that can be easily transplanted or shared!

Perfection in containers or draped over the edge of a bed, you can even grow many of them as houseplants in a sunny window. Maximum happiness with minimum effort! Just be sure to give succulents loose, fast-draining soil and protect from scorching sun in the Summer.

Many need protection from frost, but a surprising number are hardy to USDA zone 8!

Crassula falcata “Airplane Plant” Mangave 'Lavender Lady'
Crassula falcata “Airplane Plant”
Showy and glowy! Brilliant scarlet flowers in dense clusters are held above some of the coolest leaves in succulent-land: blue grey propeller shaped leaves in overlapping pairs. Hardy to 20°F and perfect in a pot or rock garden. Can even be grown as a houseplant. Deer, drought, heat and fire resistant!
Mangave 'Lavender Lady'
The offspring of Agave attenuata and Mangave ‘Bloodspot’, this smoky purple beauty boasts the best qualities of each: faster growth and interesting patterns of Manfreda and the form and refinement of Agave. Solitary rosette habit 12” high x 20” wide. Hardy USDA zone 9. Great in containers!
Dudleya hassei “Catalina Island Live-Forever” Delosperma 'Red Mountain Flame'
Dudleya hassei “Catalina Island Live-Forever”
Mesmerizing leaves in a fantastically bunched 6" x 18" wide rosette give this small-scale succulent groundcover the appearance of an undulating sea creature. Native to the cliffs of Catalina Island, its grey chalky leaves develop pink tips with low water and full sun. Deer resistant!
Delosperma 'Red Mountain Flame'
Masses of scarlet pinwheels with a magenta and white eye create a dense and super showy carefree groundcover that can transform even the ugliest sidewalk strip into a dramatic blanket of gorgeousness! Tough as nails and deer, drought, heat and fire resistant. Hardy to USDA zone 6!
Oscularia caulescens Aloe striata “Coral Aloe”
Oscularia caulescens
Candy-colored pinwheels smother the dense, succulent foliage on this beautiful and rare South African groundcover. Easy and SO rewarding, it's perfect spilling over the edge of a rock wall or container. Heat, drought and deer resistant!
Aloe striata “Coral Aloe”
An easy Aloe with Fall color! The margins of the nearly toothless leaves go pink with cool weather. Rosettes eventually form colonies to 3’ wide and 1-2’ tall. Showy clusters of coral blooms in Winter. Adaptable to sun/part shade and dry or regular water.
Agave parryi var. truncata “Artichoke Agave” Sedum spurium ‘Voodoo’
Agave parryi var. truncata “Artichoke Agave”
Hands down one of the most beautiful Agaves! Short and compact to 2-3’ x 3.5’ across with a habit like a perfectly symmetrical unfolding artichoke. Hardy to 15°F, thriving on neglect and adapted to heat, cold and drought. Deer resistant!
Sedum spurium ‘Voodoo’
A trouble-free edger, trailer or groundcover for a dry garden! Reddish-mahogany foliage mat reaches 18” across with rosy-red, almost neon, flowers June thru August. Durable, deer/drought/heat resistant, carefree and long-lived. Hardy USDA zone 3!

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