Ready! Set! RARITIES!

It's that time of year, folks – late July means some of the juiciest and hardest to come by beauties are ready to take their turn on the catwalk. Some haven't been available yet this year and each one makes our hearts beat just a little faster when we can offer them for sale. So check out this Summer's dang cool offerings – and catch 'em while you can!

  Aeonium tabuliforme
"Dinner Plate Aeonium" Dahlia coccinea palmeri
Aeonium tabuliforme "Dinner Plate Aeonium"
One of the most desirable of all succulents, "Dinner Plate Aeonium" forms a perfectly flat emerald jade geometric rosette the size of a medium pizza! Easy in a container (with good drainage) and an undemanding houseplant.
Dahlia coccinea palmeri
Luscious mahogany-chocolate foliage on a 4' x 4' plant sets the stage for a profusion of brilliant 4" carmine red flowers Summer thru Fall. Reliable and irresistible – bumblebees love it. Easy, strong and never needs staking. Hardy USDA zone 7!
Callistemon violaceus Lupinus polyphyllus 
'The Governor'
Callistemon violaceus
Enjoy brilliant fragrant hot pink bottlebrush blooms almost all year long with this extra-showy selection growing to an impressive 10’ high and 8’ wide. Matures into a multi-trunk tree with a nice, rounded canopy. Much loved by bees, butterflies, and hummers. Hardy USDA zone 8.
Lupinus polyphyllus 'The Governor'
Stately bi-colored blue-purple and white spikes, 12-18” long, make for a glamorous vertical statement on this cottage garden classic. Dense 24-30” clump of palmate leaves deliver outstanding foliar interest. Blooms late Spring to mid-Summer. Butterflies! Deer resistant. Hardy USDA zone 4.
Dahlia 'Twyning's After 8' Impatiens apiculata
Dahlia 'Twyning's After 8'
Pearly white 4" blooms with a pinkish blush glow against nearly-black foliage to 4' x 3'. So easy and reliable, it blooms May thru Fall in our gardens. An elegant, enduring addition to any garden. Loads of cut flowers, hardy to USDA zone 7.
Impatiens apiculata
Sexy orchid blooms that don't require fussy orchid care! This vigorous and RARE (unknown in cultivation) Impatiens favors cool Summers and relatively mild Winters with candy-pink 2" flowers. Rich soil and a shady location is best. To 4’ x 4'.
Teucrium aroanium Begonia boliviensis
Teucrium aroanium
Need a long blooming, low care groundcover? This charming, fragrant, stoloniferous perennial is just the ticket. To 3" tall x 18" wide, mauve, bee-attracting flowers appear late Spring to Fall. Excellent in a dry garden or spilling over the edge of a bed or container. Hardy USDA zone 8.
Begonia boliviensis
A species Begonia of unparalleled beauty! A superabundance of flaming "angel wing" orange-crimson flowers virtually smother the foliage of this rare Argentine Begonia all Summer long. Hardy to USDA zone 7b, it's an ace choice for hanging baskets and shady pots. Deer resistant.

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