Great American Garden-cation!

As so many of us try and figure out what the heck we’re going to do for Summer vacation during a pandemic, let us suggest a relaxing week of Garden-cation! Instead of soaking up the sun on a tropical beach or paddling around on a mountain lake, you could be digging in the dirt and planting for fabulous late Summer bloom! OK, maybe that doesn’t sound quite as glamorous as an exotic getaway, but it’s way better than all the risky alternatives. And the payoff will be spectacular come August and September!

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few choice season extenders?

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Wisteria ‘Amethyst Falls’ Geum coccineum ‘Totally Tangerine’
Wisteria ‘Amethyst Falls’
A fantastic small scale Wisteria! Unlike its Asian counterpart, this American Wisteria grows at about 1/3 the speed, is not invasive and reaches 15-20’ and 6’ across if left unpruned. Train it against a wall or fence and it’s easily pruned into a delightful little tree. Deer resistant! Hardy USDA zone 5!
Geum coccineum ‘Totally Tangerine’
Zillions of blooms non-stop from late Spring to October on a compact 3' x 3' plant totally make this Geum one of the toughest, longest lived, heat tolerant perennials you’ll ever grow! Butterflies and great cut flowers! Drought and deer resistant, super hardy to USDA zone 4.
Dianthus 'Pinball Wizard' Viola ‘Etain’
Dianthus 'Pinball Wizard'
A dazzling, clove-scented, picture-perfect old-fashioned Dianthus! Compact enough for a container (12"x12") and showy at the edge of a bed. Long-blooming Summer and Fall for loads of fragrant bouquets. Hardy to USDA zone 5.
Viola ‘Etain’
The most valuable of Violas! Reliably perennial, it blooms heavily Spring thru Fall (everblooming here by the Bay). Perfect for posies with a dense neat foliage clump, scented petals are beautiful candied or in salads. Hardy to USDA zone 3.
Salvia x jamensis ‘Ignition Purple’ Asclepias fascicularis 
“Narrow Leaved Milkweed”
Salvia x jamensis
‘Ignition Purple’

EXTRA-SUPER drought and heat tolerant and adorable to boot! This tenacious little Salvia quickly grows into an evergreen 2’ mound smothered with vivid purple blooms Spring thru Fall. Pollinators love it! Hardy to USDA zone 7.
Asclepias fascicularis
“Narrow Leaved Milkweed”

Plant Monarch butterfly food! This elegant CA native Milkweed is perhaps the easiest to grow! Adaptable to about any type soil and low/high water, it returns bigger and better every year. To a bushy 3' x 3'. Hardy to USDA zone 6!
Zinnia elegans ‘Zowie’ Abutilon 'Talini's Pink'
Zinnia elegans ‘Zowie’
Utterly festive semi-double blooms to 4” appear in carnival tri-colors of magenta, red and gold. Nicely branching to 30” x 30” and long-blooming! Butterflies and cut flowers! A fab addition to the Summer garden. Rich soil for best show.
Abutilon 'Talini's Pink'
Prized by gardeners and nectar-seeking hummers alike, "Flowering Maples" are wildly popular for their easy-going nature and year-round bloom. We're smitten with the pendulous pink blooms on this exciting variety! Hardy to USDA zone 9.

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