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Gladiolus carneus dry garden
We're super picky about our bulbs. We nurse and nurture many of them from seed, grow them out for a year (or two!) and then divide them, meaning they're time and space consuming and maybe not all that practical but hey ... who said gardening was entirely about practicality? Well-rooted and ready for prime-time, all bulbs are in active growth in 4" pots when we ship them out, ensuring they're alive and thriving, ready to be planted the minute they get to your garden.

We especially like to grow bulbs in pots, where you can control the drainage and the water (some may need a dry Summer rest), but many will live long and prosper in the open garden with little more than existing rainfall to get them by. Bonus: Almost all of our bulbs Many will multiply to provide you with more and more beautiful blooms each successive year!

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Babiana rubrocyanea Babiana rubrocyanea
Babiana rubrocyanea
Outrageously technicolor "Baboon Flowers" are surprisingly tough! Clay and drought tolerant and poor soil and deer resistant (just watch out for those pesky baboons!), it likes a dry Summer rest but we find it can take some Summer water just fine. Increases gently every year for bigger and better bloom! Especially gorgeous in a container. From South Africa. Hardy USDA zone 8.
Ferraria schaeferi ‘Dark Chocolate’ Ferraria crispa “Spider Iris”
Ferraria schaeferi ‘Dark Chocolate’
If you like freaky plants AND dessert, this bulb is your jam! Chocolatey maroon with a creamy center, it smells of vanilla custard (to some). Easy in Mediterranean climates with good drainage and a dry Summer rest. Hardy USDA zone 8!
Ferraria crispa “Spider Iris”
Looking like something from under the sea, this robust and fragrant (some say vanilla, some say skunky) Ferraria ranges in color from chocolatey brown to creamy green and blue. From S. Africa, appreciates a dry Summer rest.
Freesia alba Gladiolus carneus "Painted Lady"
Freesia alba
Our most popular and profuse Freesia, this original S. African species (1878) is a parent to many modern hybrids. SIMPLE to grow, it's an outrageous bloomer with masses of 1" white flowers in Spring. Hardy USDA zone 8.
Gladiolus carneus "Painted Lady"
Our fave species Glad! Soft pink blooms with a crimson flash at the throat are stunning massed. Long blooming and so much more elegant than their overblown modern hybrids. Spreads by cormlets to about 30" across. Choice in containers.
Brodiaea laxa 'Queen Fabiola' Lilium regale “Regal Lily”
Brodiaea laxa 'Queen Fabiola'
THRIVING IN HEAVY SOIL, sun or shade, needing no Summer water and happy as a clam under oaks, you can “plant and forget” this CA native cutie! Especially nice in rock gardens and wild gardens. Hardy to USDA zone 7.
Lilium regale “Regal Lily”
The ultimate Lily to know and grow! Discovered in the early 1900s, it produces HUGE 6” yellow throated, ruby backed flowers atop multiple stalks towering 5-8’ over the garden! Highly fragrant! Hardy to USDA zone 3. Deer resistant.
Lilium formosanum Muscari comosum "Tassel Hyacinth"
Lilium formosanum
Especially remarkable for being EVERGREEN – this lovely Lily offers beauty and fragrance without an empty spot during dormancy. Late Summer thru Fall, multiple stalks emerge topped by white flowers with lime-green throats and chocolate ribbing on the outside. To 3’ tall. Hardy USDA zone 5.
Muscari comosum "Tassel Hyacinth"
A delightfully bizarre “Grape Hyacinth” just as interesting in the garden as it is on the dinner table! Naturalizing readily, wispy tufted purple blooms appear April to May. A Mediterranean culinary delicacy, cooked bulbs are pickled and preserved in oil. Deer, rodent resistant! Hardy USDA zone 4!

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