Propagation 101!
Learn the art of FREE PLANTS with propagation expert Susan Ashley on Saturday, July 6 at 11 am!

Come learn how to propagate your own menagerie of plants using a variety of tried and true methods with expert Susan Ashley on Saturday, July 6 at 11 am!

A longtime horticulture instructor with Merritt and Diablo Valley Colleges, Susan will show you how to propagate plants by cuttings, divisions, layering and stooling. Not only will you enhance your garden, you'll save money and have plenty to share with friends, too!

She's shared some of her methods with us over the years for difficult-to-propagate plants to our delight and gratitude! Learning from her is definitely a feather in your home gardener cap!

July 4th SALE!

New, Rare and Glorious!

Summer is when some our rarest and most desireable bloomers come available – and they're all ON SALE thru July 14 online and in the nursery!

The retail nursery is open
9-5 on Thursday, July 4!

Alstroemeria ‘The Third Harmonic’ Alstroemeria ‘The Third Harmonic’

Alstroemeria ‘The Third Harmonic’
Available for the first time since 2012! We're excited to share one of our favorite tough, long-lived and super long-blooming Peruvian Lilies with you! Heat, clay, deer and drought tolerant, it's easy to grow with average soil and water and good drainage. Large-flowered and longer-stemmed than the dwarf varieties so commonly available today, we love it – and so do the hummingbirds! Hardy USDA zone 7!

Salvia x jamensis ‘Ignition Purple’ Clianthus puniceus "Parrot's Bill"

Salvia x jamensis ‘Ignition Purple’ NEW!
EXTRA-SUPER drought and heat tolerant and adorable to boot! This tenacious little Salvia quickly grows into an evergreen 2’ mound smothered with vivid purple blooms Spring thru Fall. Pollinators love it! Hardy USDA zone 7.

Clianthus puniceus "Parrot's Bill"
THE plant everyone wants when it goes into bloom! Radiantly rosy 3" long "parrot bill" flowers on a handsome ferny foliaged 4' x 4' shrub make this New Zealand native a fab focal point. Easy and fast, hardy to USDA zone 8.

Aloe africana Puya berteroniana "Turquoise Puya"

Aloe africana
Big, BOLD and brandishing myriad torch-shaped spikes in Winter (often reblooming in Summer), this tree Aloe makes an impressive, trunk-forming specimen to 6'. Tolerant of hot sun, drought, wind, deer, salt spray and a wide range of soils.

Puya berteroniana "Turquoise Puya"
One of the most astonishingly beautiful plants to grace the planet! Spectacular, 2-3’ pineapple-shaped spikes are densely studded with unearthly emerald-turquoise blooms above silvery, serrated rosettes. To 6-10’ tall in bloom. Deer resistant!

Dendroseris litoralis 
"Robinson Crusoe Cabbage Tree" Tigridia vanhouttei

Dendroseris litoralis
Rarest plant in the nursery! Brought back from the brink of extinction, scarcely any of these bizarre plants exist in the wild. Rubbery leaves over 1’ across and golden dandelion-like flowers the size of silver dollars make this succulent shrub a marvel. Best in cool climates with good drainage.

Tigridia vanhouttei NEW!
Otherworldly beauty! This Summer blooming Iris relative features upward facing blooms stippled with maroon spotting. Hardier than commonly found hybrids, this species “Tiger Flower” is ideal in pots. Or leave in the ground to colonize politely. Hardy USDA zone 8!

*SALE valid on all plants online and in the nursery thru Sunday, July 14, 2019. Discount does not extend to previous purchases or gift certificates and cannot be combined with other offers or coupons.
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