Sunflower POWER!

Right now is the perfect time to plant the quintessential bloom of Summer – the Sunflower! We plant them here in our gardens all Summer long – all the way until late-August – for an extended engagement of outrageous blooms to September and beyond!

We grow well over a dozen of THE BEST unusual and heirloom varieties – most of which are multi-branching for bigger, stronger plants and yielding a bounty of blooms, excellent for cutting. These bodacious beauties also provide a motherlode of nectar and pollen for bees of all kinds, and a nutritious food source for birds in the Fall.

Remember, if you want your Sunflowers to grow EXTRA LARGE, be sure to give them rich soil and average water for the biggest and best show!

‘Red Courtesan’
‘Lemon Queen’

Sunflower ‘Red Courtesan’
Velvety, luscious true red blooms with no hint of brown or gold.

Sunflower ‘Lemon Queen’
Sunny lemon yellow blooms with a chocolate eye, loved by bees!

Sunflower 'Shock-o-Lat'
Shockingly pretty chocolate eyes with burgundy and gold petals.

Sunflower ‘Italian White’ Helianthus annuus 
“Delta Sunflower” Sunflower 
'Aura Gold'

Sunflower ‘Italian White’
Creamy white to lightest primrose blooms are multi-branching to 4'.

Helianthus annuus
“Delta Sunflower”

The original Sunflower!

Sunflower 'Aura Gold'
Double crested blooms with a surprising green eye! To 4' tall.

Sunflower ‘Big Bear’ Sunflower ‘Mammoth’
“Giant Sunflower” Sunflower 
‘Japanese Silver-Leaf’
Sunflower ‘Big Bear’
Big fat and fuzzy 6" blooms are packed with a zillion petals! To 6'.
Sunflower ‘Mammoth’
1' blooms on 9-12' plants are so fun to grow! Seeds galore!
‘Japanese Silver-Leaf’

Longest blooming! Felty foliage!
‘Arikara’ Sunflower ‘Ring of Fire’ Sunflower 'Claret'

Sunflower ‘Arikara’
A true American heirloom named for the Arikara tribe. 10-12' tall!

Sunflower 'Ring of Fire'
Fall (in love) with this burning ring of fire! To 4-5' tall.

Sunflower 'Claret'
Deep rich red blooms on a multi-branching 5-6' tall plant.

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