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Spring Party Spectacular!
Save the Date: April 6 &7, 10-4!

Spring Party Spectacular!

Come celebrate our happiest and most joyful season with us!

We love a good party and we'll be dancing the day away with our go-go dancers, noshing on FREE munchies, getting our faces painted by the amazing Budderball the Clown and listening to fun and info-packed talks on bird, butterfly and bee gardening by Don Mahoney, curator emeritus at San Francisco Botanical Garden and Gardening 101 by Annie!

Come meet the enormous handcrafted menagerie of Monarchs, hummingbirds and more with puppeteer and stilt-walker, Toni Tone and Giant Puppets Save The World!

And of course we'll have a mega-raffle with our infamous SUPERMARKET SWEEP where 2 lucky folks win 15 MINUTES OF FREE SHOPPING each day! That could be you!


True Blue – Just For You!

If there's anything that sets our gardener's hearts thumping, it's the thrill of true blue flowers in the garden. Maybe it's their rarity and clarity of tone, or maybe how gorgeously they mix with softer, sweeter colors like pinks and yellows, or intense complimentary shades like red and orange that make for garden combination perfection. No matter why it is we find them so endlessly alluring, they're a rare treat and some of our best sellers ever. Just check out the sapphire stunners below!

If you love true blue flowers as much as we do (and we're not talking about those patently purple blooms that breeders are always trying to pass off as "blue"), then you have to head on over to OUR BLOG and read the latest entry by fellow blue-bedazzled gardener, Earl Nickel. As a nurseryman at Grand Lake Ace Hardware in Oakland since 2007, Earl says he has grown every blue flower we've ever offered – and we believe him!

Read more ON OUR BLOG!

And find ALL of our True Blue Bloomers HERE!

Nemophila menziesii "Baby Blue Eyes"
Anagallis monellii 
"Blue Pimpernel"
Penstemon heterophyllus
‘Blue Springs’

Nemophila menziesii
"Baby Blue Eyes"

Our favorite CA wildflower the true blue color of a clear Springtime sky! We use it to fill in and trail perfectly over the edge of beds. A profuse bloomer, self-sows! Plant with Cal Poppies!

Anagallis monellii
"Blue Pimpernel"

Gentian blue 1" flowers with a surprising pink eye and bright yellow anthers literally smother the foliage on this garden annual or dry garden perennial. Neat and compact, self-sows!

Penstemon heterophyllus
‘Blue Springs’

Jewel-toned 12" spikes bloom for months on this stunning CA native. Once established, it’ll live long and prosper in low fertility soil with no Summer water. Goes gorgeously with Cal Poppies!

Cynoglossum amabile 
'Blue Showers' Centaurea cyanus 
‘Blue Diadem’ Phacelia campanularia 
“Desert Canterbury Bells”

Cynoglossum amabile
'Blue Showers'

Gorgeous anytime and anywhere, these old-fashioned 3' tall “Chinese Forget-Me-Nots” burst into a cloud of sky blue perfection, turning any garden instantly romantic. Self-sows!

Centaurea cyanus 
‘Blue Diadem’

Old-fashioned TALL “Bachelor's Buttons” are hard to find these days, sadly replaced by dwarf varieties. This is the real deal, boasting richest blue blooms over a long period! Self-sows!

Phacelia campanularia 
“Desert Canterbury Bells”

Rarely do we gardeners feast our eyes on such vivid, gentian blue eye-candy! Beloved CA “Desert Bells” makes a caboodle of 1.25” upward facing bells atop branchy red stems. Self-sows!

Felicia aethiopica 
‘Tight and Tidy’ Ceanothus ‘Joyce Coulter’ Delphinium elatum
'Sunny Skies'

Felicia aethiopica
‘Tight and Tidy’

Year-round bloom and a compact habit make this one of our go-to suggestions for new gardeners, and everyone else! No straggly behavior over time – a go-to choice for hot, dry gardens!

Ceanothus ‘Joyce Coulter’
Perfect for dry slopes and anywhere you need a tough, evergreen groundcover. Durable and valiant, this low, wide CA native shrub is heat and drought tolerant, surviving upwards of 20 years so long as you don’t water!

Delphinium elatum
'Sunny Skies'

Sky blue blooms on MASSIVE spikes to 6' tall are enough to melt your heart! A long-lived cottage garden essential – bait for snails until established, then enjoy! Deer resistant, hardy USDA zone 3!

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