Primula pubescens
‘Exhibition Blue’
“Garden Auricula”
Primula pubescens 'Exhibition Blue' "Garden Auricula" Primula pubescens 'Exhibition Blue' "Garden Auricula"

Rapidly growing in popularity in the U.S. the past few years, the very old (since 1582) favorite “Garden Auricula” is a gratifying, long lasting garden plant. Though in warmer areas, the plants bloom mostly in the Spring, here in the Bay Area, bloom time continues year round if you keep these lovelies dead-headed. The flowers are flat, rounded & purple-blue with white or yellow centers & are borne on upright stems. This mix includes predominantly purples, but occasionally a few other color surprises, including softer pastel shades & pinks. The leaves are smooth, oval & mid-green in rosettes. Tolerates full sun, but prefers shade/semi-shade. Rich loam is best ~ top dress with compost occasionally. 


Primula pubescens 'Exhibition Blue' "Garden Auricula"

Sun in cooler areas, shade elsewhere
Avg. water

USDA zones 3-11