Polemonium carneum 
Polemonium carneum

Loose clusters of charming 1” yellow-throated flaring blossoms color shift through shades of pink touched with a bit of apricot – just lovely! Blooming from April to June, the loose flower clusters float all around the very attractive ferny emerald green 24-30” x 24” foliage. It takes a couple of years to become really bloomy and to make up for it, it’s deer and rabbit resistant and tolerates CLAY soil , though best if you add compost, right? Native to Washington and south to the Bay Area , it’s hardy to at least -10F . With its lovely foliage it’s a yummy addition to perennial beds, native and woodland gardens and happy in large containers, too. Our habit photo shows 2-3 plants in a half barrel in year 2 with mostly sun.


Sun/Pt. Sun
Avg. Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones (5?)6-10
deer resistant