‘Penny Black’
“Baby Black Eyes”

Inspiring! Like a new color in your crayon box, this easy Califor­nia native calls forth new color combo creativity! A compact 10” x 12”, it practically smothers itself with those .5-.75” luscious so-purple-they-look-black perfectly edged in white flowers. So prolific you’ll hardly see the bright green, dense, almost succulent foliage once it starts blooming. Occasionally a plant will crop up with white speckles on the leaves. I loved it last year combined with CA native pals Limnanthes douglasii “Meadow Foam” and Nemophila menziesii “Snow White”. Or try it with Linaria reticulata ‘Flamenco’ for a totally different garden thrill. Great for edging and adorable in Spring containers (at least 8” across). Self-sows!


Full Sun
Average Water
CA Native Annual
All Zones