Lewisia longipetala
‘Little Plum’

Lewisia longipetala Little Plum Lewisia longipetala Little Plum

Found in Scotland as a chance seedling, this fabulous Lewisia is probably from a cross of L. longipetala and L. cotyledon. Since it’s crossed with the species longipetala, ‘Little Plum’ (like ‘Little Peach’) is an especially heavy bloomer. Heavenly 1” blooms in pink with a hint of lavender are offered up on extra dense clusters during Spring and again in late Summer. Attractive, leathery-leaved rosettes. Lewisias are not hard to grow at all if you give them gritty soil, like in a rock garden or, like me, in clay pots with gravel in the mix. Easy, tough and long lived, now that you know what they need, you must try one of these charming treasures!


AM Shade (inland)

Avg./Low water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 4-10