Aquilegia rockii

A whimsical delight! The nodding bell-shaped blooms capped with curled spurs are the moodiest shades of lilac with just a glimmer of soft yellow on the margins of the petals, like the last sip of sunlight on the horizon at dusk. With 2' stems, flowers bow and bob above lacy, dark-green foliage that will mound to 1' wide and tall. Blooming later than most Columbines, this impish perennial will set its heaviest bloom in late spring and early summer. Excellent planted in drifts; this is a quintessential woodland plant. It will also make for a charming addition to any cottage garden bed, whether full or filtered sun. This rare beauty was collected by Joseph Rock in the Szechwan Province of China.

Plant Maven,

2'H x 12'W

Part Shade
Avg. Water

USDA zones 6-11