Fuchsia magellanica

This decorative but hardy & prolific fuchsia displays single flowers with inch & a half long bright red sepals & half hidden purple corollas. This upright variety also features gray-green, 1” oval leaves, attractively bordered in creamy white to magenta. Hailing from Chile, home to many fabulous fuchsias, this evergreen shrub gets to an impressive 3-5' tall & nearly as wide. Pendent flowers appear in late spring & bloom continuously until fall, making this one of the showiest fuchias going! Plant it where you'll have view of the many hummers that will come a-calling. It likes part sun to bright shade & well-drained, lightly acidic soil. Floral enough to be a focal point, its subtle foliage will also let it blend in to almost any planting scheme. Though a freeze will cause it to shed its leaves, plants quickly rebound in spring. Fuchsia mite resistant & oh-by-the-way, the berries are edible!

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

USDA zones 7-11