Garden Bucket Caddy

How many times have we stepped into our garden, to just do a quick deadheading and ended up squandering our precious plant time looking for the pruners, or twine or the trowel (you know…, it's always something). Just imagine having this caddy at the ready, with all your necessaries: pruners, twine, gloves, back-up gloves, rose gauntlets (we have a thing for hand-protection) just waiting by the door for anytime you’re heading out to the garden. These deep, double pockets can also be enlisted to carry items for a specific project, maybe seeds, a bulb digger, or personal items that improve a garden session like sunscreen, your phone, a nice refreshing beverage… this caddy is like your own personal gardening McGyver. Designed to hook onto any 5 gallon bucket and made of coated water-resistant Green cordura fabric, so compost and soil are easily brushed off.