Lathyrus odoratus

This colorful & intensely fragrant sweet pea displays flowers that evoke the colors of ripe watermelon or rosy peaches. The modern grandiflora sweet peas have inherited the strong and heady scent of their predecessors, together with improved petal size & stem length. The combination makes them one of the very best cut flowers for the kitchen or any room where you want to enjoy their heady fragrance. Bees & butterflies also find the flowers irresistible, so locate this sweet pea where you can enjoy their visits. Sweet peas are happiest in cool sun so the December through March period is the best time to start them. Reaching 6-10' in length, they are ideal for a large trellis, an arch or trained along a fence or railing. Easy to grow, this sweet pea likes fertile, well-drained soil & a good amount of sun. Deadheading prolongs the flowering period, which typically lasts 2-3 months. Self-sows. Deer resistant.

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