Sedum hakonense
'Chocolate Ball'

Calling all choco-plant-oholics! Make your garden super sweet with this unique Stonecrop’s rich chocolate-bronze foliage that takes on a reddish hue in cooler temperatures. Like many other sedums, ‘Chocolate Ball’ has a low, mounding form reaching 6 inches tall, gradually spreading to a 14-inch-wide mat. When grown in a pot it can form an almost circular ball, making for a delicious container garden treat. Heat and drought tolerant, this succulent needs fast draining soil, sandy loam is best. Full sun will encourage the most intense foliage color, but ‘Chocolate Ball’ will also thrive in part shade. This sedum is half-hardy, meaning it appreciates some winter protection from frost and can be cut back to refresh any damaged foliage. In summer and early fall the needle-shaped leaves are topped with eye-catching yellow blooms that are attractive to pollinators and provide late-season forage for bees and butterflies.

Gabi G,

Avg./Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 5-11