‘Blackberry Sparkler’

This colorful and long blooming cuphea is a real hummingbird magnet! Featuring cigar-shaped 1.5” flowers that are a pale gold, offset with black tips, this hardy perennial begins blooming in early summer and continues well into the fall. Densely packed with small, dark green leaves, this small shrub will be a bit wider than taller, at about 18” x 24”. Its mounding habit makes it perfect for spilling over a low wall or for featuring in a hanging basket. This firecracker plant is a heavy bloomer, needing only sun and a bit of regular water. Happy in sun or light shade and very drought tolerant, this cuphea can also handle a variety of soils. Trim to desired shape in late winter. Evergreen in zones 10 and 11.

Curious Plantsman

Avg./Low Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 8-11
(USPP# 32,526)