Teaming with Nutrients
By Jeff Lowenfels

Most gardeners know that plants uniquely create their own food, but the story is deeper than just sunshine and N-P-K fertilizer.  Mr. Lowenfels, a 2005 inductee into the Garden Writers of America Hall of Fame, has been the garden columnist for the Anchorage Daily News for over 3 decades and shows no signs of running out of garden thoughts.  He brings a devoted gardener’s fascination with the relationship between soil and plants to help us all improve our gardens by growing our soil biome.  Teaming with Nutrients is the second in a trilogy of books about the soil food web and focuses on macro and micro nutrients required for healthy plants in plain language with practical applications for home gardeners.  Palm Springs’s newspaper, the Desert Sun, sums it up in their review:  Lowenfels offers everyone else a crash course in discovering soil structure, fertility, and microbial actions powerful enough to turn a dry wash into a productive source of clean, slow, organically grown food, without a single bag of potting soil.  Sounds good!

251 pages