Nicotiana alata
‘Deep Purple’

Want to add some perfume to your early evening summer garden? This stunning Nicotiana offers velvety burgundy blooms that add an intoxicating scent to any sunny bed. These star-shaped 2” flowers appear in abundance on 20” tall plants, first showing off rich color before trumping that with their perfume. Easy to grow and not fussy about soil, this annual flowering tobacco loves the sun and its open-faced, tubular flowers attract hummers and moths alike. Flowers may droop a bit in the afternoon heat but perk up as the sun's power wanes. Deadhead to prolong blooming well into the fall. Perfect for adding rich maroon tones to a mixed perennials bed. Adds drama to a deck or patio container, where its proximity is all the better for enjoying its fragrance. Left alone by deer.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Sun
Average Water

All USDA zones