Helichrysum bracteatum
‘Dragon Fire’

The deepest red of all strawflowers, Dragon Fire offers an endless parade of wine-red papery flowers from summer through fall. Given its deep flower color and 3' high, multi-branching form, this is the red queen of all strawflowers. The blooms are papery to the touch, making them a wonderful addition to a child's garden. They also make one of the longest lasting of all cut flowers, leading to their other common name - 'Everlasting.' The 2” flowers have yellow, nectar-rich centers, attracting countless bees and butterflies to them.  Add this beauty as a vertical element, use it to add eye-popping color to a sunny bed or enjoy it on your deck in a decorative container. Easy to grow, since it's not fussy about soil. Just give it sun and regular water. Though it is an annual, its long bloom season and shelf life as a cut flower make this a wonderful addition to any garden.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Average Water

All USDA Zones