This rare hybrid Epiphyllum has a funny name but is one of the most gorgeous flowering orchid cacti you will ever grow! Each 8” wide flower displays an inner row of large white petals, a second row in back that are white with bright pink veining at the tips, another row of fully pink petals and at the rear, narrower raspberry red petals. As you approach the flower, it seems more painted than something unfurled from a fat bud! Hybridized by Phillis Flechsig, 'Clown' has been used as a cross in many hybrids since its creation. Epiphyllums grow in trees and prefer partially filtered sun. In a home environment, it’s best grown in porous cactus soil. Once the plants have mature leaves and are ready to flower, restrict water from November until buds begin to appear in late winter/early spring, then resume watering. To promote blooming, keep winter night time temps between 30 and 50 degrees F. Only prune after the plant flowers. This beauty may make you wait a year or two but it's well worth your patience!

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9-11