Fockea edulis

So ugly it’s awesome! This easy-to-grow South African vining caudiciform is distinguished by its big-ol’ fat trunk and showy warts. Its divided upright trunk can reach up to 2’ wide, dotted with tubercules (warts) that give it texture. In Spring, thin vining branches up to 10’ long are populated with 1/2” oval leaves – train them upwards, let them cascade, or even braid them if that’s what you’re into. Flowers are fragrant, green, inconspicuous, and require both male and female plants to produce the 2” gray seedpods. Usually grown in a pot, where its chubby trunk can be shown off to best effect. The caudex grows quickest when buried, so it is advised to initially bury the caudex in soil until it reaches the desired size, then elevate it for display. While the caudex is buried, plants can be grown in full sun but, if it’s exposed Part Sun is best. Water sparingly or not at all during Winter dormancy. Plants can survive going completely dry. Over-winter indoors where not hardy.

Curious Plantsman

Part Sun
Low Water

USDA Zones 9b-11